When is the Kingdom of God Coming? Some “Already and Not Yet” Analogies

At last!

Part 13 of series: What Was the Message of Jesus? In recent posts I have shown that Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of God as something both present and future. Like the mustard seed, the kingdom is small in the moment, yet will be great in the future. The more we study Jesus’ ministry without chopping [Read More...]

Tech Trends: The Twitter Trap

A twitter trap?

Bill Keller, executive editor of the New York Times, questions the impact of Twitter and other social media on our minds. Here are a few salient excerpts: I don’t mean to be a spoilsport, and I don’t think I’m a Luddite. I edit a newspaper that has embraced new media with creative, prizewinning gusto. I [Read More...]

When is the Kingdom of God Coming? Then? Now? Neither? Both?


Part 12 of series: What Was the Message of Jesus? I ended my last post with an apparent riddle. Throughout the Gospels Jesus proclaims the kingdom of God, sometimes as coming in the future, and sometimes as a present reality. So which is it? How can we understand the apparently divergent themes in Jesus’ preaching [Read More...]

Tech Trends: Female Magazine Fans Flock to Nook Color


Jeremy W. Peters of the New York Times reports that Barnes & Noble, purveyors of the Nook Color, have been pleasantly surprised by the popularity of this device among women, especially for magazine reading. Here are some excerpts from the article: Even as the iPad remains the favorite son of the magazine business, publishers are [Read More...]

When is the Kingdom Coming? In the Present?


In yesterday’s post, I examined several sayings of Jesus that suggest the kingdom of God is coming in the future. Today, I want to consider sayings that emphasize the presence of the kingdom now. The Present Kingdom If Jesus had only spoken of the reign of God in a future tense, our task would be [Read More...]

My Newest Preachers Portal Column: Preaching Living Water When Your Well Has Run Dry


How can you preach when you’re exhausted? I respond to this question in the latest edition of my column in the Patheos Preachers Portal. Here’s how it begins: How can you offer living water through your preaching when your well is bone dry? Have you ever asked yourself this? I have, many times. During my [Read More...]

When is the Kingdom of God Coming? In the Future?


Part 10 of series: What Was the Message of Jesus? In my previous posts in this series (May 16, May 19), I considered the question: Where is the kingdom of God? I showed that in the teaching of Jesus, the kingdom of God is not just in heaven or in our hearts, though it touches [Read More...]

Tech Trends: iPad Apps for New York Public Library

A screen shot of the New York Public Library's new iPad app

The Times reports that the New York Public Library has released the first in a series of iPad apps. The point of the apps is for the library to “bring its research collections into ‘the palms of the public’s hand,’ as library officials put it in a statement.” I’m reminded of Yale University’s recent decision [Read More...]

Sunday Inspiration from the High Calling: Is It Right to Rejoice When Injustice Is Avenged?

Is It Right to Rejoice when Injustice is Avenged? Psalm 58:1-11 The godly will rejoice when they see injustice avenged. They will wash their feet in the blood of the wicked. Psalm 58:10 A few days ago, the United States military killed Osama bin Laden, a mass murderer who was plotting the death of innocent [Read More...]

Tech Trends: E-Books Outsell Print Books at Amazon; Thumbs Up for Kindle!

Amazon's Kindle, 3rd edition

Well, it’s happened. It wasn’t unexpected. But it happened sooner than many pundits had predicted. The New York Times reports that Amazon since April 1, 2011, Amazon is selling more e-books than print books (hardcover and paperback combined). “We had high hopes that this would happen eventually, but we never imagined it would happen this [Read More...]

Painted Bunting! Nature at Her Finest

A male painted bunting, front view.

I had a marvelous surprise this past week. While I was working away on my computer, my wife called to me: “Mark, did you see that bright red bird in the tree?” “Was it a cardinal?” I asked. “No,” she said, “it was smaller and even more brilliant red.” I grabbed my binoculars and camera [Read More...]

Don’t Worry About the End of the World! The Concealed Handgun Reception Will Go On!


Hey, there’s no reason to worry about the end of the world. While some folks are preparing for or worrying about the end of the world on May 21, the Convention & Community Center in my town of Boerne, Texas, will have business as usual. Check it out. On May 21st there will be: The [Read More...]

Centers for Disease Control: Be Prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse


The New York Times heading certainly got my attention: “Zombies Upstage a Routine Public Health Bulletin.”  This is the Times, for goodness’ sakes, not the Onion. Here’s how the story begins: Pity poor Tom Skinner, a top spokesman for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who has been valiantly trying to interest reporters in [Read More...]

Is the End Near? Is Tomorrow Judgment Day? When is the Kingdom of God Coming?

   A screenshot from the Family Radio website.

Is the End near? Is Judgment Day approaching? Will it come tomorrow? Harold Camping of Family Radio answers with an enthusiastic “Yes!” In fact, he is sure that tomorrow, May 21, 2011, will be the Day of Judgment, the day when the kingdom of God begins to come in all fulness. According to Camping, we’ll [Read More...]

Reading the Times: What’s Beyond Happiness?

John Tierney reports on a change of mind from the founder of the positive psychology movement. Here’s how his story begins: Is happiness overrated? Martin Seligman now thinks so, which may seem like an odd position for the founder of the positive psychology movement. As president of the American Pyschological Association in the late 1990s, [Read More...]

Where is the Kingdom of God? Is It In Your Heart?

Part 9 of series: What Was the Message of Jesus? On Monday, I began to consider the “location” of the kingdom of God. My first point was: 1. The kingdom of God is not what we call heaven. God’s reign surely encompasses what we call heaven. But when Jesus speaks of the kingdom of God, [Read More...]