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Play Day!

I have not seen my fambly in a month. So even though my Master, George Soros, is tapping his foot impatiently and grumbling about my failure to continue undermining all that is right, good and true, I’m taking today off to pay end-of-the-month bills and then go goof off with the family down at Pike [Read More…]

Manalive Teaser!

Kevin O’Brien taps into pure Don Knotts awesomeness! [Read more…]

It’s a Wrap!

Principal photography for Manalive wrapped at 11:30 PM last night in the home of a very patient local Savannah woman who kindly lent us her house for Innocent Smith’s great burglary caper. The scene was, for me, the funniest part of the shoot and we spent a lot of time laughing as we shot it. [Read More…]

Sheavings All Over the Web

My latest at Inside Catholic. In which we continue our discussion of the Ten Commandments. My latest at the National Catholic Register. In which we continue our discussion of the Creed. My latest at Catholic Exchange. In which we continue our discussion of how to read the Bible for all it is worth. Okay. Gotta [Read More…]

At last!

Bob Sungenis and E. Michael Jones can take a breather. [Read more…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: A friend of mine had her right eye removed Monday, March 23 due to a malignant cancer. She has a Ph.D. in physics but is a stay-at-home mom, largely because on of her daughters has Aicardi Syndrome. Your prayers would be appreciated! Father, grant healing to your daughter and peace and consolation [Read More…]

Over 100,000 signatures as of yesterday

Why not add yours and tell the clowns running Notre Dame that Catholic time and monies should not be dragooned into cozying up to the most radically anti-life pol ever to sit in the White House. Stephen Bainbridge has a few remarks here, and Bishop D’Arcy unloads on Fr. Jenkins here: STATEMENT CONCERNING PRESIDENT BARACK [Read More…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Long time reader, first-time prayer requester. My wife and I are expecting our first child and some of the early testing hasn’t looked too good. I humbly request the prayers of you and your readers for a safe pregnancy for both mom and baby. Father, grant that this child would be carried [Read More…]

Many thanks!

The shoot went very well over the past two days, covering what is, for my character, the pivotal emotional moment of his life, so it was important for me to not blow this and get each beat right. I think we pulled it off, thanks be to God and your prayers, so I’m happy. We [Read More…]

Very Important Scene Today and Tomorrow

Your prayers that I don’t screw it up would be appreciated! We wrap Friday (God willing) and I’m home Monday. Yay! [Read more…]