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Not The End

And so, after nearly ten years, Catholic and Enjoying It moves out of its Blogger digs and takes up residence over at Patheos. I’m not gonna say goodbye because, hey, it’s just one click away! But I do want to say thank you to all youse guys who have been such loyal, generous, supportive and [Read More…]

Question from a Reader

I wanted to see if I could get you to share some of your knowledge & wisdom with me. In a conversation with some colleagues yesterday, I found myself between 2 lost souls discussing their experience with churches and what they were looking for. It was your quintessential “church shopping” conversation that is so prevalent [Read More…]

Nicholas Cage: Vampire?

A local guy found a picture from 1870 he says definitively proves Nicholas Cage is a vampire and has been trying to sell it on eBay for a million bucks. I’m sure there’s a rational explanation for how this vampire is able to be photographed. What cracks me up are the people who are *seriously* [Read More…]

Muslim Barbarians in Iran…

threaten to execute a convert. Fortunately, he’s a Christian, so it’s no big deal. Meanwhile, in real news: WHITE POWDER WAS SENT TO THE ‘DANCING WITH THE STARS’ STUDIO!!! WHAT WILL CHAZ BONO DO? and PRESS TITILLATED BY THRILL OF LOOKING AT DEAD MICHAEL JACKSON PHOTOS!!!! and LOOK! NANCY GRACE’S BOOB!!!!!! [Read more…]

Prayer Request

My grandmother will be having some minor surgery at 1:00 today; it’s expected to be a routine matter, but she’s in very poor health, so I’m a bit nervous. I would appreciate it if you would post a prayer request to your blog. Thanks! Father, hear our prayer for a successful surgery and recovery for [Read More…]

Barb Nicolosi…

on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the Gen X manufacturers of culture as they emerge from the endless shadow of Generation Narcissus. [Read more…]

My pal Bill Dodds is Up to Stuff

There’s a new resource for would-be Catholic novelists. (No, not would-be Catholics who are novelists, but would-be novelists who are Catholic.) Bill Dodds’ latest book is “How to Write Your Novel in Nine Weeks.” And his coauthor is a sock puppet named Little Willie Sockspeare. Bill was the first American to win the 3-Day Novel [Read More…]


Baby Joseph and Abp Hannan both went to be with Christ this week. May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen. [Read more…]

The People’s Democratic National Security State of Heaven – Part Deux

Here’s a rather hilarious story of Browncoats vs. Brownshirts, a tale of a free speech proponent with a sense of humor in a battle of wits with an unarmed fascist bureaucrat who can’t see what a tinhorn petty dictator she is: On September 12, 2011, Professor Miller posted on his office door an image of [Read More…]

The People’s Democratic National Security State of Heaven…

prying into your cold remedy purchases, because you are a presumed danger to the state. Meanwhile, elsewhere, our police are being punished by bureaucrats for the sin of behaving like human beings and not like agents of an occupying power. Mike Flynn riffs off some remarks I made some time ago about the growing tendency [Read More…]