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Andrew Sullivan Bait.

Was there ever any obsession weirder or more inconsequential than Trig Trutherism? The fascination of the allegedly feminist press with Palin gynecology is one of the creepiest sideshows to American politics in the past decade.

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  • Peggy R

    I agree with you re: Andrew Sullivan and Palin. I can’t get excited about the celebrity of the unwed mother, daughter of Palin. Why do we keep holding up unwed mothers as models? I am sure she’s doing the best she can, with help from her family. I don’t want to see her life as a single mother promoted for my children and others. I won’t watch her show. I don’t find her interesting. I wish her the best in life, nonetheless.

  • Lauran

    The Left’s obsession with Palin’s you-know-what isn’t all that creepy when you consider the Left’s own obsession with that part of the anatomy–they usually project themselves on to those they despise. Palin, on her part, isn’t promiscuous, gets pregnant, stays pregnant, gives birth to all of her children, even her son with Down Syndrome, and remains a happy human being. From a leftard’s perspective, what’s to like about her?

    I’m no Palin fan, mind you, but she’s accomplished more than most of Obama’s cabinet, including Obama.

    • GaOnMyMind

      Take heart, Lauran. There are many folks on the left who are pretty convinced that Palin birthed all her own spawn.

      • Lauran

        I couldn’t care less whether or not Palin “birthed all her own spawn.” The Left, clearly, is annoyed that she, or anyone for that matter, “births” at all. But the Left’s fixation with her says far more about them than about her.

  • ds

    This is one thing embarrassing and infuriating to me when other “progressives” obsess over Palin’s family in any way. It is as bad as, and in some ways worse than birtherism in how soaked in hatred it is.

    Progressives are supposedly feminist and support women having choices about their own bodies and families and careers, without judgement. Yet when faced with a woman who (horrors!) boldly takes a political stance they oppose, her family is shredded, her daughter in particular is a lying slut for pretty much just having a baby. Palin is anything from weird to selfish and wrong to (horrors!) give birth to and love a child that has down’s syndrome. Or it is ridiculously and hatefully supposed that trig might not even be her child.

    The focus on trig is the most vile thing about it. It makes it obvious that (as I was reluctant to admit in the past) sadly a significant number of those who supposedly support choice, saying “trust women,” really think that abortion should be free from criticism under any circumstances, and even celebrated, while women whose CHOICE is to give birth when faced with a difficult situation are looked upon with suspicion, and even scorn.

    I believe Sarah Palin has bad politics, and she is a liar, a fraud and an opportunist. THIS IS ENOUGH to oppose her. It is unnecessary, hateful and just plain stupid to attack her family and believe the flimsiest lies about her.

    If you are the least bit fiscally or socially conservative, their is PLENTY to not like about President Obama. It is unnecessary, hateful and just plain stupid to obsess over his birthplace, his race, call him a socialist, and a host of other lies about him.

    Creepy sideshows are at an all time high in American politics, and show no signs of stopping.

  • sjay

    Other than Andrew Sullivan and a few Alaska-based blogs, I haven’t seen anybody writing on this issue (Trig birtherism) for a couple of years.

    • Mark Shea

      Trig trutherism was, as far as I could see, pretty much all Sullivan. However, the fascination with Palin gynecology wasn’t limited to Trig Trutherism and was a massive driving force in the press’ coverage of her and her family. Few things have ever matched the leftist media’s visceral hatred of her fecundity, her children, and most especially, her child with Down’s Syndrome.