“Life’s a Tripp” on Hannity Tonight!

“Life’s a Tripp” on Hannity Tonight! June 14, 2012

Did you see this segment on Sean Hannity’s show? I’m getting more and more excited about the debut of my Lifetime series!

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  • Jacqui

    I saw you at the Iron Dog and I didn’t realize at the time why the camera’s were following you. I think you’re amazing and Tripp is so precious! I hope one day to get to meet your entire family before the Air Force ships us off somewhere else! Good luck with your show and may God Bless you and your family!

  • Glenn

    Bristol the hardest job is single parent. I’m a single dad with full custody of my boys and its a struggle for sure at times.

  • i can’t wait to see it.. I love the Palins. i love how close all of you are & how your family is always there for each other.. the Palins are a great role model as to true American Family.. Like i said i can’t wait , my mother past when i was 25 & seeing your family & your Mother trying to help in all the ways that a Mother can, it really gets to me.. keep doing what your doing.

  • blackbird

    yes as I switched for the commercials from the OKC vs Heat basketball game.

    Go OKC!!!. My prediction is OKC in 5

    • Are u on the same planet Mr…

      • blackbird

        Yes, last time I checked.

        How are you John?

  • Shawn

    OMG….now I really like ya…you’re wearing a Phillies shirt in that clip I saw…lol You’re a completely gorgeous and intelligent woman that doesn’t deserve the garbage u put up with. I’d fly to Wasilla just to take you out…lol.

  • Whats this the dating game…?

  • Getting on to that time , where U Mama Grizzley’s oughjt to be taking the Bull by the horns…

    • Jinky

      Hey John

      Did you see Mr. L’s Tavern’s latest youtube video? Check it out as he mentions you by name!

  • Rick Patel

    Lovely videos of articulate, ambitious, accomplished Bristol, making her way in the world.

    • Jellybean

      accomplished? Are you for real. Being a doctor is accomplished, going to college is accomplished, getting knocked up as a teenager, then riding your mommy’s coattails into reality show business is not an accomplishment. Get real you freaks!

  • Jinky

    I thought your sister looked more mature than you did on the segment shown on the Hannity show. Crying? Thought you had a thick skin?

    Sounds like Willow did more work than you did while you were in LA….

    • Susan

      I agree Jinky. Whining about someone needs to help her. She did not need their help to get in her situation. I saw interviews & she is still trash talking Levi. Levi is no saint, but she seems to have no concern about what her trash talking is going to do to Tripp.

  • bellagrazi

    I’m super excited about Life’s a Tripp, too, Bristol! Great appearance on Hannity last night. (and Fox & Friends with Gretchen) I think you’re more like your dad, too. You have his quiet demeanor. But your mom’s fighting spirit. You have such poise, Bristol. It’s been a pleasure watching you in these interviews.

  • The Chemist

    Ms. Palin: What have you accomplished in life beyond getting knocked up at 17?

    • otlset

      For me it’s enough that she’s annoying people like you.

      • Trippin

        Big fan of Snooki from Jersey Shore also aren’t you otlset.

        • otlset

          No. You must be trippin.

      • Patriot

        Doesn’t take much to entertain you does it?

        • otlset

          Life is just one hilarious situation after another! It’s all in how you look at it though. Choose your reality.

    • Susan

      She did not get knock up a 16.

    • Patriot

      Well the reviews are in and it’s not pretty. Entertainment Weekly gave Life’s A Tripp a D+ “the show consists of people sitting around blabbing platitudes”. The review also stated its s “an eventless, tedious, campaign ad.”.

      • otlset

        “Entertainment Weekly”. Now there’s a reliable authority! Sheesh, the only people to take their Hollywood opinions seriously are the impressionable multitude of pop-culture airheads yet to grow up, take on responsibility and experience real life, and of course the vacuous entertainment industry crowd who worship at President Choom’s corrupt and power-hungry (“I don’ need no stinking Constitution.”) feet.

        • otlset

          But if the review was positive, I would of course laud the magazine’s taste and recommend it to all my friends! Lol!

          • Patriot


        • Patriot

          Actually EW is the perfect publication to review a reality show about an unwed mother who lost a dance competition and wasn’t tough enough to make it in hollywood so she went home to spend mommy’s money.

          • otlset

            You’re helping her make money just by being here! Isn’t America great?

          • Patriot

            Are you kidding? 24 people have commented here about her new show. Half of those are probably you posting under different names. No one is interested in her show. I say its dropped after 3 episodes. I can’t wait to see what she does next…very doubtful it will be anything respectful or redeeming. My guess is a temper tantrum and trip to the mall.

  • I wish I had cable so I could watch and support you. I’ve been a fan of your families since your mom hit the ground running on the 2008 elections and I am in support of you all now. God Bless you all. Your doing a great thing.

    • Patriot

      Why is having a reality show where all she does it talk about herself considered a “great” thing? If Chelsea Clinton were doing the same conservatives would go ape-sh~t. Can you imagine what Hannity and Ann Coulter would say about her? Not to mention Sarah’s big pal Rush.

      • otlset

        Don’t watch it then. Geeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz!

        • Patriot

          Trust me I won’t be watching it. But I am fascinated by the adulation of Bristol by a few people in America. If she were the daughter of a prominent liberal she would be crucified by the right. Yet she gets a pass because her mother is Sarah Palin. Her mother was crying over the weekend about the media not reading Obama’s autobiography…does that include her buddies Matt Drudge, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh? Why didn’t they bring these points up? What about the McCain campaign? Did they bother to read it? Why doesn’t she ever complain about these entities? Oh thats right..she won’t get SYMPATHY from criticizing them. She knows that her bread and butter is to stick to the narrative that the main stream media is liberal and out to get conservatives. Because nothing makes conservatives happier than feeling paranoid and sorry for themselves.

          • otlset

            She rightly complains about the mainstream media here, which is basically most of the rest of the ‘news’ outlets besides Drudge, Rush’s show, and to some extent Fox news that you mention, but there are others now, thanks to the internet. The trouble is people like you gobble up exclusively what comes down the chute processed for public consumption from the mainstream outlets as if gospel, and are thus uninformed to the extent it might have saved our nation all the suffering we’re going through now under Obama. He is obviously in over his head and because of his inexperience and unpreparedness in this arena of leadership, really doesn’t know what he’s doing as an executive, much less the Chief Executive.

          • Patriot

            Like a true conservative you gloss right over any facts that get in your way. So what your saying is sarah is right to hold what she considered the main stream media to one standard while giving a pass to her friends. Oh and speaking of Obama being over his head can you imagine how grandpa McCain and “journalism” major Sarah palin would have handled this crisis? What a joke. Btw I know the right likes to complain that Obama hasn’t released his college transcripts from Columbia and Harvard. Did mrs Palin ever release hers from the many schools she attended?

  • I think it is so great that you are not afraid to stand up for what you believe in. I am a supporter of your Moms, and now of you! I think what you are doing is great! I know there are a lot of “haters” out there, but I hope that you know there are a lot of people who are behind you and your family 100%. You and your family are in my prayers! This country need you! 🙂

    • Patriot

      Why are you so thrilled she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in? As a privileged white girl, I doubt she’s ever had a moment where she didn’t feel entitled to spout her take on things. People in other countries are imprisoned for speaking out and Bristol goes on the internet and cries because someone called her a mean name. Only in America.

      • otlset

        Isn’t it great to be in America by comparison then? Even underprivileged black girls can feel entitled to spout their take on things here too! I can get testimonials!

        • Patriot

          Lol. Now show me a legion of adoring fans cheering them on and I’ll shut up :). But in all serious I don’t get that Bristol is so brave and courageous for posting conservative ideology on a blog. Big whoop. She could at least save a puppy off the side of a freeway or something while she’s doing it.

      • blackbird

        So those tippity top 1% privileged white girls like Sarah Jessica Parker, Cher, DeGeneres, Madonna, Jane Fonda, Roseanne Barr, Joy Behar, Sandra Fluke are the only ones “Entitled” to spew their sadistic, communist and antisemitic opinions?

        I implore you, please open your eyes and see what is going on in the real world: Obama speaking at a $40,000 per-plate fundraiser to the 1% of the 1%’ers said “You’re the Ultimate Arbiter of Which Direction This Country Goes” referring to the said Privileged.

        Please open your eyes: Has Bush been Africa’s best friend? – http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7831460.stm

      • patroit,

        I would love to see how you would respond if you had to go through what the Palin’s
        have to put up with. It probably wouldn’t be pretty!!! You need to get a life!!

        Bristol really looking forward to your reality show this coming Tuesday. I know Tripp is
        going to be adorable.

        • Patriot

          eMilliei…the palins CHOSE to be in the public eye! They’ve made millions of dollars doing so. They are laughing all the way to the bank. You’ve been fooled!

          • otlset

            I would wish the Palins all the wealth they can get, seeing as how rap stars of questionable value to society are also doing so, for example.

          • Patriot

            Try to stay focused zero. Your points are starting to resemble your obsession with the palin family. I’ll let you figure out the punch line.

      • kara

        Well now aren’t we being a little racially biased……

  • Emily

    You’re so cute Bristol! lol
    I hope Lifetime will store your episodes online so I can watch them!
    I loved your book, I’m sure I’ll love the show!
    Keep on Keepin on! You rock!

  • Megan M

    Already put it on record on my dvr – soooo excited to be able to be a part of the everyday life of the Palin family again! Thanks Bristol for doing this show because we have all missed seeing you guys since Sarah Palin’s Alaska ended!

  • Got the DVR all set … series with an extra minute before and after each episode just in case

  • xbonkerz

    wow. it’s amazing they’ll give just anyone a tv show. thank god i don’t have lifetime. i might be driven to shoot myself watching this drivel.

    • Nova

      They dont give her a show , the pay her to do it. And by what you say, it sounds like you need to watch it.

  • Joseph

    I can’t wait for your show, Bristol!!! 😀

  • Rhonda Craig

    Q) If you hate Bristol Palin and her family, why in the world are you reading her blog? If the idea of her show is a problem for you, why not just turn the channel? No one is forced to watch anything on television or read anything they don’t want to read (at least not in America)! If she’s so pathetic and trivial and stupid and (insert insulting description referring to her being a teenage mom here), why are you paying enough attention to her to want to post comments here?

    A) You are what is known as an ” internet troll” and suffer from psychological issues that cause you to feel “powerful” when you post something rude or obnoxious anonymously on the Internet. I know you are going to attempt to argue that you have an opinion and just because I don’t agree I think it’s rude or bullying; however, you would be wrong. I respect differing opinions when they are honestly and forthrightly expressed. There are ways to express your opinion in a thoughtful, courteous way. The way Bristol is doing it–with a blog that has her name on it. I don’t always agree with Bristol, but I respect her tremendously for standing up for her beliefs and trying to make an impact on her world. Based on your comments here, you, on the other hand, don’t have your own blog nor do you wish to engage in real debate like a reasonable person. You just want to attack.

    I suggest that those who have issues with Bristol’s show do the reasonable thing…don’t watch it. Those who have issues with her opinions…don’t read them. If you are really concerned with the impact she is having on your world, then start your own blog, write about what you believe in, put your name on it, and if enough people enjoy what you have to say, your blog will be read and discussed and maybe even taken seriously enough for the trolls to feel threatened by it and begin posting nasty comments. Maybe if you are interesting enough, you’ll have a legion of adoring fans and television networks will want to make a show about you.

    Or you could just keep attacking Bristol anonymously and snickering pathetically to yourself like Beavis (or is it Butthead?).

    • Sue

      These are people that are completely obsessed in a disturbing way about the Palins. They can not seem to help themselves. They are unhealthy and honestly need to seek help. They run to every article about them to trash them and spew venom, then they have the nerve to accuse them of attention w–ring. Hello? Reasonable people just shake their heads and move away. I’ve actually won people at work over the the Palins side by telling them all about the crazy haters. Normal people think these yahoos are nuts.

  • David Dempsey

    Bristol, I hope that you enjoy doing Life’s a Tripp on Lifetime. You are sure to get a lot of Positive and Negative Comments. Just ignore the Negative Comments (don’t even read them) because their Minds have been Warped by Obama’s and the Democrat’s Brainwashing and their intention is to discourage you from doing the Show and posting on your Blog.

    • Patriot

      LOL. Yes we’ve been “brainwashed” by the messiah. Sort of like you are when you attend church services every Sunday morning Dave.

  • Jellybean

    Hey Bristol, your mothers whoring her self out again in Vegas eh! With her same old boring talking points. Lamestream media, reload, blah, blah, blah. If I didn’t think she was a media whoring grifter, like you, I would be embarassed for her.

    • otlset

      It was an excellent speech, nailing the liar-in-chief in the White House as usual, pointing the way in this ‘new media’ for conservatives like me to counter misguided, under-educated blog slanderers like you, and of course extolling what is good about America and her common sense vision for bringing that good to the fore. She has charisma and her speeches never disappoint. It’s a sell-out venue every time for her speaking engagements, she has class and sparkle and is an ambassador and exemplar for American exceptionalism. She stands for what America was created for — liberty, not the incremental encroachment of government domination over our lives.

      • Patriot

        She blames the “lamestream” media until she needs to promote something. The palins have ZERO integrity.

    • Patriot

      As usual she did a lot of complaining…talked about herself a lot, and offered NO solutions.

      • otlset

        Getting rid of Obama is solution #1, the nation’s real recovery will spring from that. A major theme in all her speeches including this one.

        Obama is harming our country with his reckless spending — driving us way deeper in debt providing only a temporary prop-up to government programs, employees and unions to keep on keeping on — until *that* borrowed money runs out — and then they want more more more. Obama would actually like yet another stimulus that would REALLY push us into the abyss of debt — which will wreck not only our economy but the world’s as well if we keep going with this kind of national suicidal insanity of continued borrowing on our children’s future.

        We just can’t keep going on like this, yet Obama actually strives to *increase* the size and reach of big government which the people can no longer afford at such levels. Especially as the private sector that provides real jobs and creates the real wealth of the country is what suffers, as the government grows like a parasite, feeding on it and growing as the private sector ‘host’ dwindles and sickens as a result (or transplants itself overseas where business is less shackled and dominated and sucked dry by the taxes and regulations burdens of big government to save itself).

        • Patriot

          Saying “getting rid of Obama is solution #1” just proves she has no real solutions. And trust me everyone remembers the spending habits of republicans over the last 12 years. I see you didn’t comment about her complaining and talking about herself. Why not? And has anyone checked to see what her favorability numbers in Alaska are these days (here’s a hint…there worse than Obama’s).

          • otlset

            Are you thick-headed or what? Getting rid of Obama IS the best and most urgent solution to turning our country around and on the real road to recovery. And what you call complaining I call speaking truth to power. Polls for favorability numbers are well-known to be ‘cooked’ (you know, polling way greater numbers of Dems to Repubs to suit their sense of proportion, or cleverly wording the questions so as to elicit the desired answers) for whoever bankrolls the procedure, and as a result are only good for strippers and vaulters.

          • Patriot

            No the thick head clearly lies on your shoulders. Again Sarah only likes polls when they are in her favor…typical conservative.

          • patriot,
            Don’t forget the democrats were in the majority six years of Bush’s eight. Remember
            all that special interest spending. Dodd/Frank and Frank saying Fanny Mae and
            Fredie Mack don’t need regulating, huh!!! Who do you think cause
            the housing bubble to burst. And the democrats holding up the defense bill until
            Bush had to sign the bill loaded with special interest request to get the troops what they needed. We the people haven’t
            forgotton, at least those of us who have been paying attention.
            And that holding up of the defense bill during the war cause alot of problems for
            our military. Then the democrats came back and blamed Bush for sending the troops
            to war unequiped when it was in the Clinton era when he cut defense back so to the bone
            just so he could have a positive economy and left us vunerable when we were attack.
            And guest what Obama is doing it again.

          • GrizzlyMom

            eMilliei – You must watch Fox News because your information is incorrect. The democrats controlled congress the last 2 years of Bush’s 8. The first 2 years the senate was 50/50 with Dick Cheney being the tie breaker. And what does holding up the defense bill have to do with any of this? My point was that people still remember the FACT that Republicans out-spent any other administration before them. They are not the party of fiscal responsibility no matter how many times they try and tell us that.

          • LMA

            eMilliei! Your argument re: defense spending is that Bush sent our troops to war but couldn’t afford to outfit them properly because the previous administration (who DIDN’T send us to two wars) hadn’t budgeted for them, but rather used funds to ensure that our economy was in the black?! Oy! You do realize, then, that your argument would is that Clinton should have banked enough money to fund Bush’s two wars. Weak!

          • otlset

            Even Obama’s former law professor and advisor is now warning Obama must be defeated!


            Gradually, people are waking up from the Kool-Aid haze of “hope and change”.

        • otlset

          “Hey hey, big spender! You’ve become the biggest spender in his-toe-reee!!” (and the economy is still floun-der-ing…)


          • Patriot
          • otlset

            Ezra Klein is merely wishful thinking here (like Chris Hayes, he thinks he’s a super egghead but he has no common sense) as he strains to put a positive spin on Obama’s spending. In his “one graph” for example he lists the Bush tax cuts as a cost (!), without regard for what would happen to business and the economy if they were eliminated. His musing in the article is his speculation on the future financial *effects* (!) of Bush vs Obama’s policies, including the laughable fantasy of the results of his cobbled “projection” of Obama’s policies (as in the now-disproven notion of how Obamacare will *save* money, heh) until 2017, five years away. It’s just speculation and wishful thinking on his part, typically helped with phony rationalizing arguments like the tax cuts are actually a ‘cost’ twist, and must be accounted for as if the “missing” revenues are a precise number without regard for the possible effects of eliminating the tax cuts to begin with. Why doesn’t Klein go all the way and speculate about the “costs” of other taxes that weren’t allowed to take effect in the first place — the sky’s the limit to his imagination on this and the more “what if?” speculations about “what we’re *not* getting” he can come up with the better it would make his argument look, no? The greater the fantasy in this case, the less it can be argued against.

            I’ll take the veracity of Peter Ferrara’s well-reasoned article and projections based on real data any day over Klein’s overreaching and speculative fantasies dreamed up and rationalized only to give the left some talking points as some sort of defense for Obama’s recklessness with the nation’s spending.

    • kjb4mhs

      Remember that this is Bristol’s blog, not her mother’s, and that you are a guest here. There’s no reason to be bad-mouthing Sarah Palin (or anyone for that matter) on here. Show a little respect.

    • jellybean,
      Does your mother know where you are and what you are doing. And also how you are talking.
      Bet you get it when she finds out.

      That goes for you to. May I suggest you two find a blog link more on your level unless you can
      act like adults.

      • Jellybean

        Ahhhh, don’t like the truth about the grifters you worship emilliei? Oh well, too bad, so sad. The palins are like televangelists who make millions out of suckers like you. Bristol Palin has done nothing to deserve an ounce of respect. She is no different than those wacky Jersey Shore kids.

        And emilliei, the reviews are bad, real bad. She’s done, cooked, goodbye bristol. Go back to school, get an education and become a productive member of society. The easy money is over .

        • jellybean,

          List some of the sights you are reading about the reviews. I know the left wing media is
          putting up their nagative stuff, that’s a given. Give me sources other than the haters.
          And don’t just tell me what was said give me websets and links.
          Where were you when they handed out ” If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything
          at all!!!!!!! Learn how to debate without the hate!!!!!

          • Jellybean

            Debate what emilliei? The fact that you are a palin worshiper? And do your own research. At best, the reviews I have read say that the show is the ultimate snooze fest. Yep, going to bars while leaving her little sister to babysit her kid in a family friends mansion is being such a great role model. She didn’t even know what “skid row” meant when she was taken for a tour. Just how out of touch and uneducated can you be.

  • Jellybean

    Oh how the mighty have fallen. The only gig $arah can get now, is speaking to a convention of right wing bloggers, hahaha. What’s next for $arah and Bri$tol. No doubt speeches at the local senior center on bingo night between games.

    • Patriot

      Lol. It’s funny cause it’s true. She calls bloggers “new media”. This coming from a journalism major who couldn’t name any newspapers she reads.

      • otlset

        Newspapers are old media — we’re moving on.

        And Obama thought there are 57 states, Hawaii is in Asia, they speak “Austrian” in Austria, called a Navy corpsman “corpse-man”, and inexplicably dated the Queen of England’s registry “2008” during his visit there in 2011 — I still can’t get over that one. Time to institute presidential drug testing for this inept clown — he’s probably back to his old ways to cope with the pressures of failure after failure.

    • Patriot,
      I would suggest you find another blog that would be more suitable to your thinking!!! That would
      be the classier thing to do.

      • otlset

        He would have to know what class is first.

        • Patriot

          Just following your lead otlset.

    • jellybean,
      No sources to put up except left wing, huh!

      • Patriot

        And who exactly owns Forbes.com? Heres a hint millie…its a conservative.

  • Lee

    Hey sweetie…….Nice job on the interview. You are just so poised and genuine……Hope all goes well with the show…….I plan/hope to be tuned in!!!!

  • GrizzlyMom

    Wow. Here’s a review of the show:
    “Life’s a Tripp” isn’t inept as much as just plain sad. At no point does anyone — at least on camera — tell Bristol that this terrible idea for a reality show would subject her, or her family and friends, to ridicule. And based on the first two episodes, there is plenty of ridicule to go around. Everyone gets dunked here, including Sarah Palin, who asks of her daughters, “I have to go study. Do you have any advice on Syria?”

    So let me get this straight. Bristol criticizes the President for talking to his children around the dinner table about marriage equality full well knowing that her mother was going to ask her and her sister for advice on Syria. Mind boggling. They may have finally shot themselves in the foot with this one.

    • otlset

      Here’s how I imagine it went down, but we’ll have to wait and see: “…Do you have any advice on Syria?” she joked while leaving the room. It is a very difficult foreign policy problem for the US, and I’m glad Gov. Palin is giving thought to the issue.

      Meanwhile Obama tiptoes quietly around this thorny issue while trying to distract the public by unconstitutionally issuing his policy decree pandering to illegal aliens, all while the US deficit continues to rise over 1.6 billion dollar per *day*.

      • otlset


      • GrizzlyMom

        I guess a better plan would have been to send in our troops, bomb their infrastructure, declare “Mission Accomplished” and have NO plan for the aftermath. Been there done that.

        • GrizzlyMom,
          Who did you go there and do that with????? As for the ” Mission Accomplished” the
          boys on that ship put that sigh up because their mission was accomplished. The Democrats
          as usual hoped on that to bash Bush!!!! The Demo’s are good at that.

  • LMA,
    You made my case. “Banked the money for Bush’s wars????” 9/11 let us know that we cannot
    take for granted that we will not be in war at any given time. Defense is something you never
    cut back to the bone on, especially equipment!!!. There are many other areas that the government
    can cut back in beside defense. There is alot of wastful spending. Our freedom and security depends
    on being a strong country and ready at all times. Wastful spending when uncovered in the area of
    defense is needed to be cut back on not in the area where we need to stay ahead in star wars, military and other equipment needed by our military to be ready.
    We have been reduced to a weakening state by this president. Defense cuts are having the top
    commandor speaking out of the danger. Our finest American’s (military) are going to suffer when
    coming home and being reduces in bennifits and no jobs to make a living. This is just not right.
    They fight for our freedom while we sit back and let the government take away what they have
    earned. Their pay doesn’t come up to the job they do. Under Bush admin they had more raises only
    to be taken away by this admin. They put their lives on the line for America’s freedom and then
    we just forget about them!!!!!

    • LMA

      I wonder if you’re a service member or vet and are speaking from your experience?

    • LMA

      Because I’m wondering specifically when, given the number of vets who’ve been living homeless on American streets for decades, you decided to take notice and write this: “Our finest American’s (military) are going to suffer when coming home and being reduces in bennifits and no jobs to make a living. This is just not right.”

      And I wonder where in the world you heard that President Obama actually DECREASED military pay, which would have informed this statement, I suppose: “Under Bush admin they had more raises only to be taken away by this admin. They put their lives on the line for America’s freedom and then we just forget about them!!!!!”

      While it’s true that President Obama authorized a smaller military pay raise than the usual 3 percent, you must have missed this: http://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/2007/12/ap_payraisebill_071228/

  • GrizzlyMom,
    You are right in the fact that the Senate was divided in the first two years of the Bush Admin. until
    June 2001 when james Jeffries crossed over from Republician to Democrat, which put the Demo’s
    in the majority at 51% but then there was Tom Daschle majority leader who like Harry would hold up
    legislation and not let it go before the Senate. And we must not forget Olymbia Snow, Susan Collins
    and about three other senators who would vote the majority of the time with the Demo’s. And of course
    those famous all night filibuster. That’s how they manipulated control of the Senate. And during
    those two years there were others changing back a forth but the big thing was the Republicians who
    were voting with the Democrats. They should have ran as Democrats because they were in their thinking

    • Patriot

      You claimed that the democrats controlled congress for 6 of the 8 years bush was in office. GrizzlyMom said this was not true and your argument is that Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins voted with the democrats? She’s reaching a bit there isn’t she GM?

  • rob roy

    A snippet from Entertainment Weekly’s review of the show:

    Bristol walked tall out of the bar and then immediately fled to the shadows to call her sometimes-boyfriend Gino. She said: “I have a ton of cameras on me and a ton of paparazzi. This is not fair. This is not fun.” Again, the blunt lack of self-awareness was shocking. The cameras were filming her reality show. She chose to visit a large bar in paparazzi central. Life is not fair. Nobody ever said show business was fun. The world’s smallest violin will always play for the famous person who complains about being famous.

    When the premiere concluded with Bristol alone in her big borrowed mansion, holding her son in her arms, you couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. When most of us were 17, we were just starting to figure out how to be a person. Bristol Palin was only ever allowed to be a personality. Her story could make a great TV show. But Life’s a Tripp is just awful.