Did You Catch the Good Morning America Segment?

Did You Catch the Good Morning America Segment? June 12, 2012

So, I’ve been traveling to promote my new Lifetime show “Life’s a Tripp!”  Did you see the segment on Good Morning America?  Here’s the clip in case you missed it:



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  • What a hoot… ~ ! Look foward to it… Looking foward to your Mom too coming frm the shadows again… I miss her speaking to us directly at the rallies… we all do …your family is the closest thing to a royal family this nation will ever have… Keep on truckin… ~ !

  • conservativemama

    Saw the clip and can’t wait for the show. And let’s keep Robin Roberts in our prayers as she battles this new illness. I admire her courage, strength, and faith.

  • bellagrazi

    Of course! Great interview with Robin, Bristol. You two have a great rapport. (Prayers out to Robin for her latest health challenge. She’s such a nice woman) I really enjoyed your appearance on Live! with Kelly, too. Jerry O’Connell was so sweet with you. He seems like a good guy. It was cute when he made you blush. You are absolutely gorgeous, Bristol! And so slender! You’ve grown into a beautiful, confident young woman. Much success with Life’s a Tripp!

  • MajorPalinandHeath Fan

    Can’t wait for the show. I love the Palins and Heaths!!!

  • kristen peterson

    Palin Power! never stop speaking up Bristol!

  • Patriot

    What a hypocrite! You rail against the “lame stream media” until u need them to promote yourself. Apple doesn’t fall far from tree indeed.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    A smart young lady (almost said girl) who stands in Faith and seeks the Lord’s council. Our prays are with you.

  • robhart


  • Rick Patel

    Bristol was so poised, pretty, and articulate on GMA. What a lady.

  • can’t wait to see the show!! 🙂

    btw the into ad was for an abortifacient (paragard) 🙁 http://www.lifeissues.org/abortifacients/index.html

  • Jose

    I can’t wait! Love your mom an d your family.

    • stacy

      go america–go bristol and others who have passion and fortitude

  • Bruce O’H.

    Robin was really nice to you, she won my heart for that. My prayers for her one way or the other, though.
    Break a leg, Bristol 🙂

  • You are like Rush Limbaugh … the more they attack you the stronger you get !!!

  • Barbara Landi

    Glad you posted this because I sure as hell never watch GMA (though I hope the best for Robin…she’s good)

  • Kameron Swithin

    So excited to see your show, Bristol! Also so proud of you for standing your ground to those crazy people who were bad-mouthing your mom. You called them out on it, and I LOVE IT!!!! Can’t wait to see the show!!! 🙂

  • Capital G

    Can’t wait for the new show! Already got my DVR set up. It’s great to see you step out in your own way once again. Tripp looks so cute in the ad jumping up and down. Careful, you might have a ‘show stealer’ on your hands! So thankful your family has become such a positive inspiration (although you have now reduced me to a grown man DVRing a show on the Lifetime channel – thanks a lot Bristol) . Good luck and God Bless!

  • CJ

    Bristol, I watched GMA and LIVE w/ Kelly and I have to say that your family has so much to be proud of in YOU! You exude such warmth, poise, humility and grace, coupled with the courage of your convictions, a nurturing, protective spirit and a loving, tender, compassionate soul. In my book, you have all the “right stuff” to become an exemplary RN! Perhaps, down the road….as it is truly a rewarding, vital profession in which so much good can be accomplished to bless those in need 🙂
    I’m really excited about your new series! I have a feeling that little one of yours is going to have some fan base by the end of the very first segment, LOL!
    Bristol…….your precious little boy, is surrounded by so much love and is being raised to know and honor the Lord. HE will NEVER forsake him, sweetheart, and even though It’s hard being a single mom, GOD is watching over you both…….and HE doesn’t want you to worry. HIS grace is sufficient to supply ALL your needs and HIS timing is PERFECT!

  • CJ

    I will keep Robin i prayer………………

  • Hazel

    It isn’t a very good example for young people that Willow quit her job to go hang out in California. Many young conservatives are fans of Willow, so she should be more aware of the image she puts out for them to follow. Most people cannot just up and give up a job like that because they would be in financial dire straits and it isn’t as though jobs are plentiful right now. Even if she is only seventeen, she should set an example of hard work and dedication. She isn’t in school, isn’t working, what is she doing exactly that followes the lines of what those of us on the right are trying restore in America? I mean isn’t that what the Palin’s claim to be all about family and hard work and self-made success? And to quit via text? That really isn’t a sterling example of good work ethic either. I would never let my teenager quit a job to go lollygag and play on camera around California, for no real good reason. When Willow gets older, she can embark on that journey herself after working for a few years, buying her own car, saving money and learning a little more about life etc (just like what Bristol did.) Or, maybe, she can go to college there. I am not against Willow..or Bristol. I am not a raging , anti-Palin, liberal. I am very conservative and support the Palins. I wish Sarah would have ran for POTUS this term. However, sometimes I do find I am a little taken back by some of the things I hear about Willow doing that she seems to get away with. I find her a bit shady and displaying a lot of questionable actions and attitude, and not just just normal teenage attitude and rebellion type things. However, she isn’t my daughter, I just am saying…the Palin’s carry a lot of water among conservatives and among Americans in general, and are always being judged and watched. I just think quitting a job, via a text to a boss, is going to come back on them during the show. And in all honesty, it slightly offended me because like I said, it is easy to just give up a job when your family has tons of money and you don’t have to worry about anything really…ever, the rest of your life. Just my personal opinion , that is all. I just feel like after the “faggot” incident (and just because I am a straight Christian Republican doesn’t mean I think homophobia and gay slurs are acceptable btw), the vandalism stuff, the stories about drinking and buying drugs, Willow has some character redeeming to work on and if she is going to use Bristol’s show and be on camera, she should have used this as her oppritunity to do that and show the “stories” and possible rumors about her are not true, or at best, embellished.

    • I disagree with your comments about Willow. You should respect her right to make her own decisions and be responsible for the consequences. Her situation is not your situation, and what is right for one person at one time and place might not be right for somebody else somewhere else.

  • Joseph

    You show is only a week from today! I can’t wait! May God pour out His Blessings upon you and your whole family! Love you guys. 🙂

  • Fran Marshall

    I am praying praying on my knees for Robin Roberts! I Have always loved her in everything she does. I think she is remarkable and so pretty!!!!!!

  • VERY COOL…I wish my buddy Jonny Zakariasen and Bristol would get together. They would be a pefect match. He lives in Minnesota and all the women there seem to be liberal. Is 29 to old for Bristol to date?!? Keep up the great work Bristol. I sure admire your calm under fire! and it’s okay to cry too!What a poised, articulate, fearless young woman. My prayers are with you!!!