Prayer Request

A reader writes:

I have been in recovery (12-step-style) from a troublesome porn addiction, and recently relapsed. The sacraments are a big help of course, but I would appreciate it if you would add your prayers that I might stay “back on the wagon” – the first few days after a relapse can be difficult in terms of temptation.

I enjoy reading and commenting on your blog, and while I sometimes disagree with you, your heart is definitely in the right place, and (as I’ve said to you before) you do good work in the fields of the Lord.

Father, hear our prayer for your son that he can receive the grace to overcome this temptation and see his sisters for the human beings they are and not the commodities to which our culture wishes to reduce them. Give him the grace, not merely of self-control, but of Christ’s love for each woman he sees. Mother Mary, pray for your son. We ask all this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  • Anonymous

    I have been in that boat, myself. Prayer and the Sacrament of Confession were very important to breaking the habit. God bless.