Dr. Frankfeinstein is surprised that her Monster turned on her

Here she is, offering a full-throated defense of NSA spying on us little people.

And here she is, genuinely shocked that the Deep State would spy on her and other members of what she thought were the Immune Elite.

Security states tend to devour themselves in Orwellian layers of deeper and deeper secrecy and deceit.

When I look at the surveillance society being constructed, I can’t help but think of C.S. Lewis’ vision of hell in the intro to the The Screwtape Letters:

[Hell is] an official society held together entirely by fear and greed. On the surface, manners are normally suave. Rudeness to one’s superiors would obviously be suicidal; rudeness to one’s equals might put them on their guard before you were ready to spring your mine. For of course “Dog eat dog” is the principle of the whole organisation.

Everyone wishes everyone else’s discrediting, demotion, and ruin; everyone is an expert in the confidential report, the pretended alliance, the stab in the back. Over all this their good manners, their expressions of grave respect, their “tributes” to one another’s invaluable services form a thin crust. Every now and then it gets punctured, and the scalding lava of their hatred spurts out.

A society built on spies and lies will die.  Only in Christ is there truth and love.

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  • Hematite

    That description of hell’s bureaucracy is chillingly close to that of the LAUSD (LA school dist.).