Curmudgeon Fred Reed…

on the unreality of the “race realists” (aka racists) of the Dark Enlightenment.

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  • Rachel

    This is a good article. I once knew someone who subscribed to this stupid racialist theory. He actually thought that it wouldn’t be right to be friends with someone who wasn’t white even if they were Catholic and had similar beliefs/interests. He claimed that he would have no trouble being friends with for example a Greek or a Balkan but would not be friends with a Turk because they are supposedly a different race. HUH?? He clearly didn’t know history much. He didn’t like the idea of actual race “mixing” either as friends or lovers. Apparently he thought that was how it should be although in no time in history has there been total separation of the races. Instead, there has been many migrations, conquests, and intermingling of the races. He also thought that their racial make up effected them intellectually and emotionally (ie. African Americans were supposedly more aggressive and carried more disease prone genes). The conversation that I, my then fiance (now husband) and this fella had was almost the last. In fact, we stopped being friends afterward, especially after he proceeded to defend the KKK. The odd part was that this guy actually liked cultural elements from other cultures: ie. he was a former buddhist and a good chef of chinese food, he liked to smoke the hooka and even liked some Middle Eastern music, etc. So, he took little bits that he liked from various cultures but actually getting know and become friends with someone of a different race??? Nope. He was totally a white racialist when it came to that :(.

    • D.T. McCameron

      To an extent, I could see a Greek or someone from the Balkans being hesitant of befriending a Turk, esp. many decades ago….but not for the reasons he’s touting.

    • Chase

      Both Greeks and Turks really hate to hear that they are essentially of the same “racial stock” — in fact, I’d say that Turks and a good deal of Levantine Arabs are the descendants of Greeks who converted to Islam (or are we do believe ALL the Greeks went back to Greece?). “The Turks”, i.e. The ones from history, came from the central Asian steppes. I find it hardly likely they looked like they do today.

      But to shows the whole stupidity of associating race and culture in the first place. “Latino” has to be one of the most useless terms as a *racial* designator I have ever heard. I have met Argentines whiter and blonder than any European, Mexicans who could be Aztecs on modern clothing, and Domincans darker than most African American. As a culture, sure, “Latino” exists, but as a race? But that’s assuming “races” exist in the first place … I don’t think they actually do, at least not as anything more than very broad and very porous groupings of certain physical characteristics.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    My personal experience, from teaching in a heavily Hispanic/Mexican/Latino area, is that they have very smart people, and middle smart people, and some not very bright bulbs, too–just like the European-descended kids I’ve taught. However, the Hispanics did seem to have an amazing amount of artistic talent.

  • IRVCath

    If Latinos are so stupid according to the so called race realists, the ought to explain explain St. Alberto Hurtado, S.J.

  • The Deuce

    Mark, are aware the Fred Reed is supposedly PART of the “Dark Enlightenment” according to that very article from which you got that phrase, and most of your ideas about the supposed “movement”?

    • chezami

      From what I could see, he said that as a misanthrope, he likes the idea of declaring everybody inferior. But he thinks the DE racism is bullshit.

      • The Deuce

        Indeed, Fred’s a good guy, and yet look at the light blue “Secular Traditionalist” section of the graph from that article that started you on the whole topic of the “Dark Enlightenment”:

        My point isn’t that Fred’s bad. My point is that the fact that he ISN’T bad illustrates that the article from which you got most of your “information” on the “movement” was basically a hit piece meant to smear a lot of people the author didn’t like with the broad brush of the genetic fallacy.

        Some of those people are genuinely odious racists, some like Fred Reed aren’t, and I think it would be good to get a better picture of the actual landscape rather than just going by that one author’s heavily distorted hatchet-job presentation of his made-up “movement”.