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Euro-civilizations in demographic collapse belatedly acknowledge (without, you know, acknowledging it) that Humanae Vitae was right:

As Caiaphas illustrated when he said that it was better for one man to die than for a whole nation to perish, even the enemies of God wind up confessing the truth of the gospel. Our fertility hostile civilization will inevitably wind up doing the same. “Be fruitful and multiply” is still the blessing.

"What? Who is saying that it is "given" that they are informed?"

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"Which part of your last paragraph do you think I disagreed with?"

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Michael Liccione writes about the “filial ..."

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  • Josephine

    Wow. The linked-to videos to watch after that are straight up porn.

    And yeah. Thing have gotten bad everywhere. Lots of people who are “animal people” instead of baby people.

  • John

    Humanae Vitae is one of the reasons I continue to admire the Church as a lapsed Catholic. But IMO Western demographic decline is a consequence of the erosion of tribal identity under secular pluralism, which fosters incongruity between peoples to such degree they can no longer find suitable mates. They wind up divorced and with less children than the diminishing minority who succeed in marriage (at least I’m willing to bet this is the case, though I’ve not yet found any statistics). To remedy the situation requires miraculous conversion by whole countries, and all immigrants coming into them, into a single unified identity; or a return to state religion and/or ethno-religion. I mention ethno-religion because non-Western ethnic groups immigrating into Western countries appear to retain high birthrates for as long as their members maintain their ethnic identities over and above their national identities. Although I strongly oppose identity politics within nations (since it divides them), sometimes different nations/ethnies operating in the same country can’t be reconciled to one another, or else the cost for reconciling them is too large, in which case pan-nationalism becomes the only humane solution.