Pewsitter Headline: “Robin Williams: Rest in Peace?”

I’m afraid even Pewsitter can only hope that he is in hell.  It must be such a torment to them not to be able to know for sure.

Perhaps they can console themselves with the torment they inflict on grieving people with headlines like that.

Reactionary Catholics:  Always there to make sure that hurting people hurt worse.

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  • SDG

    Disappointed Pewsitter linked to Tom’s piece and not mine, which was up a day earlier.

    • chezami

      Pewsitter is the master of the passive-aggressive question mark headline.

      • SDG

        Yeah, but what did Tom do to deserve their passive aggression more than me?

        • chezami

          You don’t write for Patheos and so are not the enemy.

          • SDG

            Wait, Tom Hoopes writes for Patheos?

            • chezami

              My mistake. I though you meant Tom McDonald.

  • wlinden

    National Review has customarily ended obituaries with “RIP”… or in the case of Bishop PIke, “to avoid confusion, we hope that he has found in death the peace he was denied in life.”

  • Alex

    “When I began preaching, ere the aforementioned king built me the first church, a young lady relative of his who had recently lost her husband, whom she loved very much, heard tell that I recommended prayers for the dead. She summoned me and be sought me to tell her whether I had some remedy for the relief of her poor husband who was some months deceased, that she would spare nothing for that purpose, and that I could simply charge her whatever I liked.
    “I told her in reply that I was obliged by the law I came to proclaim never to lie on any occasion whatsoever, and that concerning the request she was making of me, I couldn’t truthfully tell her anything that wouldn’t be distressing to her, that I had come to that kingdom to offer a sure remedy to the living, provided they wanted to use it, but that for the departed who had died in error I had no relief to offer them beyond regretting their misfortune.
    “The good lady answered only with her eyes and by her sighs, without considering conversion, but God ordained that another high-born lady who was present at the interview should reason thus: ‘If this Father here were lying about what he preaches, surely he would have told this lady he could help her husband. She would have given him a large share of her wealth, and no one could ever prove him guilty of having lied. Inasmuch as he stuck to telling the truth despite so excellent an opportunity of getting rich, one must believe he doesn’t deceive concerning the law he preaches and that what he says is true. I intend to follow him and enter into the way of salvation he is pointing out to us.’ She came to find me not long after, told me all this, and disclosed her decision to me. I began instructing her on the spot and then baptised her in due time, ever wondering at the power of grace and the good inclinations of these people.”

    – The Travels and Missions of Father Alexander de Rhodes in China and Other Kingdoms of the Orient

  • Joseph

    I’m pretty sure the kneejerk to insert souls into hell because they don’t meet the bare minimum on the good-o-meter (because the person making the judgement surely does and is therefore qualified to) is a Calvinist/Evangelical trait. If these are Catholics, they must be converts who still carry the stain with them.

    • Petey

      unfortunately they’re not. they’re children of the same Jansenist generation who raised me, and they have picked up and used the scourge their parents gave them, while I and others like me left ours on the wall as a memento.

  • Andy

    At least they should recognize that the church teaches that extreme issues – mental problems being one them – may indeed ameliorate the suicide – damn and they are Catholic?

    • chezami

      Are you kidding? They are the Greatest Catholics of All Time. Way better than that miserable excuse for a pope we have.

      • Andy

        I must have missed that memo – is that like today at the coliege everyone wore seen shirts and I ware a brown one – damn how do I get on the mailing list?

  • Mark Wilson

    When the time comes for the funeral it will be another church who decides to show up at his funeral to rub salt in everyone’s wounds. Maybe I’m wrong but I’m sure that WBC will be there.

  • Jason Edwards

    I honestly think I have to stop going to Pewsitter because of their stupid headlines. They’ll quote Francis – saying something that I KNOW Benedict said – and yet because it’s Francis they’ll follow the quote with a couple question marks (and sometimes even put it in red). Tired of the agenda – just give me the news.

  • AquinasMan

    Wholly uncharitable. i watched Charlie Rose (yes, sorry, I’m one of those right wingers that also listens to NPR) last night with highlights from his interviews with Robin Williams, and the sheer joy of laughter between my wife and I only highlighted how tragic and inscrutable suicide can be. The Church recognizes that mental illness factors into culpability. There are those who take that terrible step without real freedom. Others do it out of selfish fear (e,g,, a trapped criminal). Others are utterly reprobate and will certainly be damned. We objectively know the extreme gravity of this sin. Whereas I totally disagree with the insane sugar-coating of this tragedy by celebrities and media-types, in my heart of hearts, I pray that Mr. Williams is a member of the Church Suffering, preparing to meet Eternal Life.

  • Matthew

    Since you are a fair minded man I will await your condemnation of all those commentators who presume that Robin Williams is in heaven. Since we cannot know for sure either way both sides are guilty of false presumption.
    For my part I plan to pray for the repose of Mr. Williams.

    • chezami

      I have run across no Catholic commentators who claim knowledge that Williams is in heaven.Merely hope, as is fitting. But I’ve run across quite a number, like Pewsitter, who feel it important to register at least the hope that he is in hell. There’s no situation so painful that a Reactionary Catholic can’t find a way to make it hurt more. Why are you defending this crap?