YouCat Releases YouRose

…the new fidget spinner rosary. I love Eye of the Tiber. [Read more…]

In your face, Scott Eric Alt!

A reader writes: Maggie Gallagher posted an article saying that perhaps Pope Francis shouldn’t be dismissed as a liberal, and people are posting in the comments accusing her of “Mark Shea-ism” Hah!  It’s not “Scott Eric Alt-ism”!  You suck! [Read more…]

An Aussie Reader with a Cryptic Sense of Humor…

…writes to inform me: The state border between Western Australia and the rest of the great continent of Australia is the last surviving line of the Papal Line of Demarcation established by Pope Alexander VI in 1493 dividing the known world between the Spanish and the Portuguese. No Trump supporters will know how to respond. [Read More…]

I’ve been getting questions about my views…

…on Fr. James Martin’s new book, Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter Into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity. As I have mentioned in the past, my habit with regard to temptations I do not experience myself is to refrain from handing out free advice.  In this, I [Read More…]

There’s a new biography out about Irena Sendler…

…who saved 2500 Jewish children from death during the Holocaust.  She personifies the truth that grace is dark matter, hidden, quiet, unnoticed by the whole world, and yet constituting the force that hold the universe together.  How many Irena Sendlers are there that go utterly unnoticed in this life and yet who are, in fact, [Read More…]

Bishop Robert Barron offers a typically generous assessment…

…of Martin Luther–and manages to work Dylan into the conversation too. I think here of a distant spiritual descendent of Martin Luther, the Nobel laureate Bob Dylan. After his conversion to evangelical Christianity, Dylan wrote a lovely song called Saving Grace, which includes the lines, “I look around this old world/ And all that I’m [Read More…]

This killed me

There’s no humor like British humor: [Read more…]

People are asking me what I think…

…about the appointment of Nigel Biggar to the Pontifical Academy for Life. It’s a question that, for many of my readers, has the quality of a moral litmus test (I get a lot of those from combox Inquisitors).  The “correct” answer, of course, is “I STRONGLY DENOUNCE THIS MONSTROUS ACT AND BELIEVE AND PROFESS THAT [Read More…]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: First off, thank you for the work you do in the vineyard. I enjoy your blog and your posts on FB.  I don’t always agree; but I appreciate that, with the Church, you call me to think even and especially when I don’t want to because I *think* I’m right. Thank you [Read More…]

Every day for the next four years

Each day Trump provides his Christian supporters with a chance to repent their inexcusable defenses of all the lies, corruption, and incompetence and every day, instead of defending the unborn or the gospel they say is the #1 priority, they defend him instead.  And their only defense is “But Hillary!” Hillary lost.  Move on.  You [Read More…]