This is really good: Some thoughts inspired by a friend’s comment about Peter denying Jesus despite having seen his miracles: Something we have to constantly keep in mind as we read the Gospels is that the story as we read it and the story as it appeared at the time to those living through it are two very different things. C.S. Lewis once pointed out that something similar is true of the Old Testament in its original context and in… Read more

We’ve heard it a million times.  The second amendment was ratified so that portly suburbanites in Lubbock and Butte could make war on Future Hitler when he takes over the government. It is therefore necessary to offer 35,000 real human sacrifices each year in order to prevent the imaginary slaughter that is come.  Never mind that this theory of gun rights was tested from 1861 to 1865 and the results were negative. Never mind that well-regulated militias do not slaughter children… Read more

…the Right Wing Noise Machine and Gun Cult lie spread by FOX, claiming that CNN tried to script their Town Hall meeting on guns is now exploded: The family of a Parkland shooting survivor appears to have provided doctored emails to Fox and HuffPost in an attempt to support their claim that CNN "scripted" its Wednesday town hall.— Eliza Relman (@eliza_relman) February 24, 2018 But, of course, the same sort of Christianists who cheer for death threats against… Read more

Bravo, Walmart!  Words I never thought I’d write. 🙂 Update:  My mistake.  This happened in 2015.  Even better, as far as I’m concerned since it was done *without* the spur provided by the wonderful kids of Parkland and the national corporate stampede away from the NRA. Any way it gets done is good enough for me. Also, here’s a happy story about how the election of Trump has spelled disaster and, in Remington’s case, doom for the merchants of death… Read more

 Read more

…and you can help it hemorrhage to death. Credo has a petition to the remaining corporate sponsors of this poisonous organization with this message. “The NRA is a dangerous extremist group. Its ‘guns everywhere’ agenda threatens public safety and makes it almost impossible to pass gun control legislation at the federal or state level. It’s time to stop supporting them.” The petition can be found here. And, by the way, the latest lie from the NRA is that it is… Read more

Case in point, the following tweet and rebuttal: Listen to me carefully: YOUR RIGHTS DO NOT COME FROM ANY GOD. YOUR GOD DIDN’T WRITE THE CONSTITUTION.  The Constitution is an agreement between citizens regarding how government will be run. No more. No less. YOUR GOD HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH IT. NOTHING. To declare the Constitution the word of some god fails the smell test immediately. After all, what holy writ contains a clause for amendment and modification? What… Read more

Catholics get arrested for doing the right thing: Hundreds of Catholic Leaders Demanded a Clean DREAM Act Outside Senate Offices Over 40 Arrested as Part of #Catholics4Dreamers Day of Action As the March 5 deadline for DACA looms, the Catholic community is escalating its demands for a new policy which protects Dreamers while not harming their families and communities Washington – Today, nearly 200 people of faith demanded a clean DREAM Act from lawmakers at a press conference followed an… Read more

Somebody once pointed out that the task of youth is heroism. Youth long for a cause they can die for. It’s what JPII recognized and why he started World Youth Day. His words to youth were always a call to heroism and self-sacrifice for Jesus: “Do not be afraid. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity. Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” “What really matters in life is that we are loved by Christ… Read more

…about confronting our culture of gun violence and taking seriously a consistent ethic of life: Read more

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