“The Church Would Look Foolish Without Them”: Andrew McTigue, Far Rockaway, Queens

The commercial development of America excites the admiration and wonder of the world, but when we take into consideration the character of our citizens, it is not a matter of marvel. The very fact that advancement is open to all, that efforts will not be hampered by caste or class distinctions, seems to serve as a stimulus to ambitious endeavor, and thus each American community produces men whose energy, determination, and business ability lead them into new and broad fields of labor wherein they garner success.

A representative of this class in Far Rockaway is Andrew McTigue, who is now successfully engaged in real estate dealing, and is also connected with the conduct of a number of corporations. Mr. McTigue was born in this place March 19, 1864, and his father, Patrick McTigue, was a native of Ireland and came to America in 1848. Here he had charge of a large estate which is now called Wave Crest.  At that time, it belonged to Mrs. Clarke, a member of the Vanderbilt family.  Mr. McTigue had charge of this place until the death of Mrs. Clarke. He was a consistent Catholic and an honest enterprising man. He married Catherine Mullane, a daughter of James Mullane, and they became the parents of four children: Elizabeth, the wife of Frank Halpin of Rockaway; Andrew; Mary, the wife of William Caffery, and Julia. Mr. McTigue, whose name introduces this review, pursued his education in St. John’s College of Brooklyn, and then entered upon business career, which throughout has him with landed interests.

For two years he succeeded his father as superintendent of the Crest Company, and for five years held a similar position with the Cedarhurst Land Company, after which he opened his real estate office in Far Rockaway, and has since been an active factor in real estate transfers here, negotiated many important sales and purchases.  No one is better informed on real estate in this locality than Mr. McTigue and in business he is meeting with excellent success.  He has also been superintendent of the Far Rockaway Village Railroad, and is a director of Far Rockaway Bank, the Far Rockaway Company, and the Seaboard Telephone Company contributing to the successful control of various important business enterprises.

On the 19th of October, 1892, Mr. McTigue was united in marriage to Miss Ada Burlinson, a daughter of John Burlinson, and they had four children: John B., Andrew, Alice G. and Catharine. The family is one of the first in the community, and Mr. McTigue is a leader public affairs. He votes with the Democracy and has been honored with the presidency of the village. He was also one of its trustees for two years, and at the time, served as a trustee of the public schools. He was assistant collector of arrears until the office was abolished, was postmaster for years, and in all these offices has discharged duties with marked promptness and fidelity; was also a trustee of the Queensborough Library. In religion he is a zealous Catholic Socially and fraternally he is connected with the Knights of Columbus. He takes an active and commendable interest in the welfare of this portion of Long Island: in material, social, intellectual, moral development, and is accounted a most valuable and highly respected citizen.

Peter Ross, History of Long Island (Three Volumes, 1902), III, 60-61.

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