How many times have I written on this blog about moving? Too. Many. Times. Here’s one. Here’s another. Here’s another. Four times in five years. And I did it one more (last! please let it be the last!) time, y’all. I packed my entire house up in boxes and unpacked it all this past weekend. Not because it was in the plans. (When has it really been in the plans?) But because we lived for the past year and a… Read more

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In honor of Martin Luther King, a conversation with my five-year-old on our way home from school last Friday: Mom, did you know that Martin Luther King lived a long time ago? Yeah, I did. He was special because he helped us be friends with each other. Yeah, he was really special. Because before him,… Read more

You stare at your baby in your arms, rocking back and forth in the room you’d imagined would be a place of solace. You’d envisioned breastfeeding as beautiful and quiet, gentle and spiritual. But the feeding feels like work, physical work. You’re sore. You made rookie mistakes those first few days and your body has paid the price every three hours since. Then there are the tears. The feelings of dread and joy and fear and magic, all wound up… Read more

Today I’m guest posting over at my friend (and vlogging partner) Cara’s blog for her new series “The Little Things,” on small moments that change everything. Here’s a little peak into my post. I’m hoping you’ll read a bit and join me over there…   My brother painted a mural on my wall for my seventeenth birthday. That mural, which still remains as a testament to my teenage self,  is covered with bright pink and yellow hearts and the words… Read more

  Hi. It feels a little strange to sit here writing something out to say to you. I spent the past month resting from this blog. I spent the month finishing final details for my book before it goes to the printer. I spent the past month buying Christmas presents, wrapping them, baking cookies, packing suitcases, and sitting with a book next to the tree in my parents’ house. I went to Napa with my cute husband. I started packing… Read more

  My dears. I know. I know. You thought I’d never show up here again? Here I am. Just poking my head out to say hello and I miss you. You want to know what I’ve discovered about myeslf? I’m really bad at doing two kinds of writing at the same time. When I’m focusing on my book, my brain is completely incapable of throwing any sort of words down on the blog. Other words just don’t seem to exist… Read more

Note: This was first published last Advent, following the shootings in Newtown… Vol. 3 – Defiantly Demanding Redemption “In sober fact there is little romance or beauty in the thought of a young woman looking desperately for a place where she could give birth to her first baby… it is a bitter commentary upon the world that no one would give up a bed for the pregnant woman – and that the Son of God must be born in a… Read more

When I first started asking God and myself what it means to be a mother who prays in the midst of the chaos of life at home with kids, what it could look like to practice prayer when my life was not quiet, when most of my attempts at a personal prayer time were interrupted and distracted, I begin to think of any examples I could find in scripture. The Bible doesn’t say a lot about how to be a… Read more

  This week I’m working to finish edits on my book. In my absence, I’ll be reposting a three-part series from last year. Here’s Vol. 1. Happy Advent, friends. _______ I need to finish unpacking my house. I might pop a blood vessel if I don’t get pictures hung up soon. I’ve hardly thought about buying Christmas presents and our Christmas cards are waiting for my hours of devotion. Yesterday morning in the quiet minutes while I read in my… Read more

Our apartment was so beautiful when we moved into it. All that light and space, that updated kitchen and those shiny countertops. It was full of possibility, a place we could stay for years, a home to settle into. Now that space holds mostly fear when I walk into it. My chest twists in on itself when the boys and I enter. My ears tune in for any movement of the neighbor below us to tell me if we’re safe… Read more

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