Because if you can’t get all thankful on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, when can you really get thankful?   A Few Thankful Lists:   What August was thankful for on his school Thankful poem: Food Water What Micha, August, and Brooksie were thankful for on our thankful tree (Chris did not participate!): August: Ice Cream Micha: Coffee Micha: Dancing Brooksie: Airplane Brooksie: Milk Brooksie: Birds Brooksie: Fast Car August: Spaghetti August: Donut Brooksie: A Cat August & Micha: Chocolate (Do… Read more

Back by popular demand (Just kidding. No one demanded this but Cara and me. Because we just can’t help ourselves.), Cara and I are discussing more important life issues in front of the camera: For instance, why I could never live up to the glory that is Reese Witherspoon and why the part of Cara in the Lifetime movie biopic will be played by Mia Rudolph. (Hopefully.) Also, just in case you really want it, here’s the link to that… Read more

Last Wednesday Hollywood Housewife hosted “OneDayHH: One Day of the Year to Document the Small Details of Your Life” and I played along, even though some of the smallest details failed to be captured on film (can you still say film?). This was no ordinary Wednesday; this was the day when a couple of our dearest friends were arriving for an extra long weekend. And it was a day that when the boys were difficult and I felt my mother-failures… Read more

November is National Adoption Month, and it its honor, I have the privilege of hosting my friend, author Jennifer Grant, here today. This is an excerpt from her book Love You More: The Divine Surprise of Adopting My Daughter.     Our social worker asked my husband and me to write short narratives explaining why we wished to adopt a child. “Give us a sense of who you are. Autobiographical details are helpful,” he suggested. David, as ever, was straightforward and… Read more

I’m trying to be brave these days. I’m looking toward my book’s release (details to come on that soon) and all that releasing a book will shake up of  my comfortable life of writing in my pjs on my couch at 9pm every night. I know I need to be brave now, because I’m going to have to be really brave then. So, this is me doing something I’m not so comfortable doing: Ten days ago I got an email… Read more

Yesterday I shared about why I started the One Good Phrase series and then offered a summary of each phrase from the first five months of the series. Today I offer you the second half… * Holly Grantham acknowledged that You can’t always get what you want and still pointed to how love is all that any of us ever really need. Andrea Palpant Dilley shared her favorite hymn, Be Thou My Vision, and talked about how the words of the… Read more

We began the One Good Phrase series ten months ago, when I was thinking more and more about the power of words in my parenting. I’d taken on a few of Sarah Bessey’s phrases she had shared on her blog, especially her use of “We use our words to love each other.” I’d been using that one for a year with my boys and had eventually added, when my boys were pounding each other, “We use our hands to love… Read more

  You probably know that I had the privilege of traveling with World Vision a couple of months ago and I believe strongly in the work it does throughout the world. World Vision has launched an emergency response to the help the 9.5 million survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. If you’re looking for a way to help meet the needs of those who need food, clean water, and shelter, please consider choosing World Vision, a organization that does… Read more

Hey friends. I’m trying something new and super fun around here. I’m going to be joining forces every once in a while with my local blogging friend, Cara Meredith (who blogs at Be, Mama, Be) to talk about whatever we feel like talking about. Today, we’re chatting about our kids and their naughty language. (I should probably use “naughty” in quotes because I don’t even let my boys say “butt”…I know, I know. Weird?) Also, we both break into song… Read more

Well, we all knew this day would come. It’s our very last week of One Good Phrase. Soon, I’ll give you a little summary post to point you toward all the little gems of phrases that have come through this space since we began working through them ten months ago. But, there’s no one I’d rather end this sweet journey with than my friend Laura Turner. Laura was an internet writer-friend who moved to San Francisco and became a Real… Read more

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