The craftsman and her environment: Work driven by an ethic of care


Here’s another post in an occasional series about blue-collar work and meaning that we’re running here on MISSION:WORK, this one from a farmer and college administrator. Read the first two posts here: “Does blue-collar work have any meaning?” and “Which is a higher calling: building churches or building fences?” By Stephen Milliken In his excellent [Read More...]

Best Practices for Peace in 2015: Fight For Peace


This post is part of a Patheos Public Square on best practices for peace.  Though Rev. Hall speaks mainly of church relationships here, think about how her advice extends into your own workplace. By L. Elaine Hall Many Christian communities are terrible at navigating disagreement and difference. In the name of peace, we have become chronic conflict-avoiders. [Read More...]

Visiting with Mary and Martha: What is the one thing?

By Ann Boyd Multi-tasking: there are days when I feel that I have taken that concept to a whole new level, tossing together the balls of household, work, school, and family, then whacking at them like a caged batter at a pitching machine. It’s usually not pretty, and at least one of those balls gets [Read More...]

Visiting with Mary and Martha: I need help

By Ann Boyd Books to read. Papers to write. Classes to prepare for. Clients to meet with. And just next week, there will likely be family — functional or dysfunctional — who would appreciate some undivided attention. How will it all get done? Is there anyone who can help with this situation? Let’s see what [Read More...]

Visiting with Mary and Martha: Does anyone care?

By Ann Boyd Sometimes it feels like all the responsibilities land on your shoulders: you’re the only one capable enough or specially-equipped to do the work. There are times when that is true, and there are times when it’s not, and there are times when those responsibilities…well, they don’t strictly need to be done by [Read More...]

Visiting with Mary and Martha: What about the work?

By Ann Boyd It’s not even 8:00 in the morning and I’m looking at a list of over a dozen things to get done — editing to take care of, dishes to wash, laundry to fold, and my email inbox is raging out of control. As I sit for a few minutes to pray and [Read More...]