7 secrets of success: part 6 of an interview with Gloria Nelund

Read the previous installments of our interview with Gloria Nelund, reprinted from Ethix: Defining financial success Helping the middle class Too big to fail? Don’t invest in anything you don’t understand Don’t solve your company issues in the men’s bathroom Quitting the Job [Nelund picks up on the story of quitting her job from our last post.] I got on a plane that night, took a red eye to London, and the next day I met with my boss and… Read more

Don’t solve your company issues in the men’s bathroom: part 5 of an interview with Gloria Nelund

Read the previous installments of our interview with Gloria Nelund, reprinted from Ethix: Defining financial success Helping the middle class Too big to fail? Don’t invest in anything you don’t understand Gender Issues Let’s talk about gender issues. There weren’t many women executives at Deutsche Bank when you were there. What are the challenges of being a woman in a man’s world? I was the only woman among the top 200 executives in Deutsche bank. A couple times a year… Read more

How the incarnation and God’s sacramental presence in all creation put our everyday work in a new light

What follows is part of what ended up on the cutting-room floor when I handed in 6,000 words for a 3,500 feature on Christian thought about vocation in Leadership Journal. Since I still like it, I’m posting it here.  The Incarnation Luther and other Reformers certainly did advance Christian reflection on work and calling. But if we turn again to the early and medieval church and look beyond the clerical and monastic usurpation of the term “vocation,” we will find some… Read more

A “Windex Cure” for America’s Moral Decline

By Bill Peel America is losing faith and becoming a secular nation — but I believe there’s a cure. Escalating racial discord, the ethical failure of leaders in public and private sectors, and the breakdown of traditional family values can, I believe, be traced back to the decreasing influence of faith on American life. Recent polls document our decline. The number of American adults who describe themselves as Christian has dropped nearly eight percentage points over the past seven year.[1]… Read more

The pursuit of wealth is not neutral

More of our reports and analysis from the recent Acton University conference. Read the first seven posts here: The refreshing difference We can’t create heaven on earth “Don’t immanentize the eschaton” Is there really enough to go around? Letting our Jesus Freak flag fly Was Jesus a socialist? But what about sin? One of the claims I hear most often from people affiliated with Acton, or with pro-free-market Christianity more generally, is that modern churches have an excessive, simplistic suspicion… Read more

What would Francis Asbury have done when faced with the #PewReport ?

Thanks to Christian History Institute for letting me reprint this. If you get CHI’s daily emails about this day in Christian history, you won’t have missed the fact that the June 4 quote is from a very popular person around here lately—Francis Asbury.  In it, he bemoans the state of religion in New England, at least as he saw it, on his first visit there on June 4, 1791: “We are now in Connecticut; and never out of sight of… Read more

Groups help us go fast; teams help us go far

Most people participate in some form of a team or group on a regular basis. This happens through recreation in the realm of sports and clubs. This happens on the job as people come together to get things done within organizations. Although you likely have been part of both groups and teams in the past, do you understand the difference? What are the key distinctions between a group and a team? Defining Teams Larson and LaFasto describe three basic characteristics… Read more

Leadership and the discipline of silence

In this speedy world of words, leaders must learn how — and when — to use them, writes a Duke Divinity School New Testament scholar. This post was first published in Faith and Leadership.   We are awash in words. Never before in the history of the human race have so many words been so widely thrown about and with such remarkable reach. The advent of the digital age began the age of words, words, words. Of the making of… Read more

How should I choose a career?

  Today most career counselors and well-meaning friends would respond to this question with: What are you good at? What do you love to do? What’s your personality type? Where do you want to live? What kind of lifestyle do you want? These are good, normal questions. Yet I have to wonder, are the goals of self-fulfillment and maximizing my personal potential the best way to think about a lifetime of work? These views are hardly uncommon. According to the… Read more

One of the most strategic things pastors can do

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myuu0ZP59UY[/youtube] Faith, work, and economics integration is one of the most strategic things you can invest in as a pastor. We all spend more waking hours at work than in any other single activity, so to put that off to the side is beyond unstrategic; it seems like almost a dereliction of duty as pastors. That’s where people live and Jesus has a plan for that. I’ve found that by talking with people just once a month about integrating their… Read more