The feast of Christ the King (or, did Gandalf put on the Ring?)

Originally published at Ithilien in 2004. This is the day when Episcopalians and Methodists celebrate a 20th-century Roman Catholic feast by singing a hymn (All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name) written by a particularly obnoxious Baptist (Edward Perronet–ex-Methodist and all-out dissenter who launched vicious attacks on John Wesley). In other words, a truly ecumenical [Read More…]

It’s Never Too Late to Head Back to School

By Bill Peel More and more adults are heading back to college to sharpen their skills and broaden their understanding—especially in the rapidly changing realm of business. In fact, according to NBC News, the enrollment rate of adults going back to school is rising faster than typical college-aged students. This growing trend prompted C12 Group, the largest Christian CEO roundtable [Read More…]

When I’m 85: A Journey With Dr. John Perkins

By David Spickard: published at the Jobs for Life blog on 11/4/15. On an unseasonably cool day this past summer, I found myself driving a rental car through the backroads of Mendenhall, Mississippi. It had been a long time since I had been in Mississippi. Growing up, I frequently visited Jackson to see my grandparents, [Read More…]

What do you do when your idealism crumbles?

‘ “Once you come to know the world — truly come to know the world and all its doubt and darkness — can you love it still?” That’s the question the co-founder of the nonprofit Blood:Water addresses in her new memoir.  This article is reprinted from Duke Divinity School’s magazine Faith & Leadership, an offering [Read More…]

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This Machinist Says We Need Both Welders and Philosophers, and They Both Need Something Else, Too

Recently, in the 4th Republican debate, Senator Rubio made a comment in regards to raising the minimum wage in the U.S. Toward the end of his response he made the comment, For the life of me, I don’t know why we have stigmatized vocational education. Welders make more money than philosophers. We need more welders [Read More…]

Praying for Paris and More

By Mike Coyner The terrible events of this past weekend in Paris remind us to pray for the people of Paris and France as they deal with the aftermath of another terror attack in their country. The outpouring of care and sympathy to the victims has been heart-warming, but unfortunately accompanied (as usual on social [Read More…]