Riverdance Changed My Life: Or, How I Learned to Love Being Bored

By Jordan Dillon Riverdance changed my life.  Yes, THAT Riverdance: the gazelle-leaping, non-arm-swinging, inexplicably line-segmented, Irish-based, quickfooted rhythmic troupe.  I was in my mid twenties and complacent at work.  I was bored.  I was discontent.  To pass the time I would drown my sorrows in 6-8 hours of non-stop NPR programming.   On one particular [Read More…]

Chasing problems is a key to social innovation

Innovation begins with carefully listening to a community and defining the problems it’s facing. Then social innovators act, learning from failure and building on success, writes the executive director of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity School. This post  was first published in Faith & Leadership. What fuels the minds of people pursuing innovations to make [Read More…]

Shining God’s light on a corner: Sunshine Gospel Ministries

Last year the Patheos Faith and Work Channel contacted leaders of some prominent community development and entrepreneurial organizations to talk about their attempts to transform communities through the growth of new businesses and attention to the dignity of work. The interviews were very popular and we’ve been re-running them. Here’s the last one–enjoy! By Joel Hamernick, [Read More…]

Why culture-shapers are at the center of what God is doing

By Christ John Otto Every 500 years Western Civilization goes through a shift. These shifts are profound and take around 100 years to accomplish.  If we look back in time, these rough demarcations can easily be identified.   If we can look back through time, we would see that the Hellenistic era, and the flowering of [Read More…]

3 Signs We’ve Made Work an Idol

I think we were arguing about asparagus. I had just sat down to dinner with my wife and three daughters (soon to be four), and amidst that cacophony of noise and food flying to plates, I started to eat. I love asparagus. I really do. But when I waited until half way through the meal [Read More…]

The Two Messengers

Originally published at Ithilien. Perhaps to the clear-eyed angel There was nothing in the word he brought but glory: Infinite splendor in a point of flesh, Bursting, breaking through the veil of blood and mucus, Passing through a narrow gate To fill creation with redoubled light. Only the old man, his rheumy eyes Blurred with [Read More…]