Sometimes life gets in the way: day 2 of the #AsburyProject

Read about Day 1 of The Asbury Project here. Maybe it was just me, since I started the day with a funeral, but there was a more serious tone on the second day of the adventure in social entreprenuership that is The Asbury Project. While I was celebrating the life of a beloved professor, Jena [Read More…]

Not very hopeful about the future of bookstores: part 3 of an interview with Tami Heim

This post continues our partnership with Ethix, a publication of the Center for Integrity in Business in the School of Business and Economics at Seattle Pacific University.  Ethix has conducted many inspiring interviews with business leaders, and we’re excited to feature them here from time to time!  Read the previous parts of our interview with [Read More…]

Blood and water do not come from a think tank: Day one of #AsburyProject 2015

So it’s even more true what I wrote about the Asbury Project last year: conferences of Christian entrepreneurs are full of energy.  Especially, it’s even more true because there are about twice as many people here as there were last year. I drank my hot cocoa this morning in a room full of eager-looking young [Read More…]

At the #AsburyProject today

…a great gathering of folks at Asbury Seminary and Asbury University in Wilmore, KY around issues of social entrepreneurship and the integration of faith and economics. Catch all the action in real time on Twitter:  (and follow us on Twitter while you’re at it.) You can read the posts I wrote about last year’s [Read More…]

37 Barriers to Change

Change is an unavoidable reality in organizational life. Like death and taxes, change is part of life whether we like it or not. Continuity & Change One of the key thought leaders on managerial theory in the 20th century was Peter Drucker. Peter Drucker regularly emphasized the importance balancing continuity and change in thriving organizations. [Read More…]

“Their prayer is concerned with their trade:” attempts to separate church and real life go WAY back

I bumped into this passage from the Apocrypha (Ecclesiasticus 38, to be specific) yesterday. Looks like the tension between head-work and hand-work, and between church-work and everyday-work, goes back a long way.  And looks like somebody could have used some reminding that sustaining the structure of the world is important. 24 Leisure gives the scribe [Read More…]