The resurrection of the body in our work

By Nathan Hitchcock Note: This article is part of a series that considers various ways our work anticipates, in the present, the future reality of the consummated Kingdom. The entire series was originally published at Die Evangelischen Theologen, from which this version was adapted and published at Oikonomia Network. When Christians go to work, they do so to lift up human bodies. They perform medical tasks, as in the nurse who provides rehabilitative care to a post-op patient. They study… Read more

Co-Workers Are Not Projects: Evangelizing in the Workplace

This is the conclusion to a debate in Patheos Head-to-Head and is a response to John Shore’s post “What Jesus Must Think When Listening to Evangelizers.” By Bill Peel The debate about whether it’s ever appropriate to share our faith and engage in evangelism in the workplace has been a reminder to me of how hurt and hostile some people are as a result of our lack of love and grace as Christians. While enemies of Christ exist, I doubt… Read more

Is there really enough to go around for everybody? #ActonU

More of our “correspondent on the spot” at Acton University! Follow the Twitter feed from the conference here and read his first three posts here: The refreshing difference We can’t create heaven on earth “Don’t immanentize the eschaton” By Edwin Woodruff Tait The third lecture of the day, Jennifer Roback Morse’s presentation of economic theory, moved into territory with which I’m less familiar than with the philosophical and political issues discussed by Gregg and Miller. One of the many reasons… Read more

We can’t create heaven on earth: more from #ActonU

More of our “correspondent on the spot” at Acton University! Read his first post here. And follow the Twitter feed from the conference here. By Edwin Woodruff Tait Last night’s lecture was a plenary session introducing the themes of Acton University as a whole. As a first time participant, I am required to attend four introductory lectures today which further lay out the basic principles that shape how Acton University addresses specific questions of politics and economics. Both the plenary… Read more

The refreshing difference at #ActonU

Lots of exciting things around here this week–in addition to the great debate about evangelizing in the workplace going on between the Faith and Work and Progressive Channels on Patheos Head-to-Head, my husband is also live-tweeting and blogging from Acton University in Grand Rapids, MI. Here’s his first post! By Edwin Woodruff Tait First of all, I should make it clear that I come to Acton University as a skeptic. My views on economic and political matters, such as they… Read more

Yes, You Can Talk About Christ Without Being A Jerk in the Workplace

This post is part of a feature from Patheos called Head to Head, and is a response to John Shore’s post entitled “10 Reasons It’s Wrong to Evangelize in the Workplace.” By Bill Peel As followers of Christ, we are called to be his witnesses. There’s not a lot of wiggle room there. Every Christian should be concerned about the spiritual welfare of his or her colleagues. However, how we go about communicating that concern doesn’t have to follow the… Read more

What is Your True North? The priority of purpose

Purpose matters. As evidenced by the popularity of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life—a book that has sold over 30 million copies—people have an innate desire to know that their lives matter and that their lives are shaped by a sense of purpose. One CEO, Dave Dillon, expressed it this way: “All human beings want to find meaning in their lives.” Purpose and Leaders While purpose is a priority for all human beings engaged in all types of work, purpose… Read more

Evangelism in the Workplace: Is Sharing Your Faith Ever Appropriate?

This post is part of a Patheos Head-to-Head on Evangelizing in the Workplace. By Bill Peel Count me among the growing number of people who believe faith matters at work, and that the more faith falls to our workday margins, the more dehumanizing work becomes. But to speak of faith while at work—that’s a subject about which Christians often butt heads. Many Christians wrongly think evangelism is a verbal message. They forget that to believe a message, you have to… Read more

Playing “Hokey Pokey” with the Gospel

By Michael Coyner My E-pistle entitled “Mission Indiana”  stirred up a lot of response. Most of it was positive, but some wrote to ask what I meant by challenging our congregations and pastors to be “all-in” for our mission? The best way I can answer that question is by reflecting upon the children’s game “Hokey-Pokey.” Remember how it works? You start by singing, “You put your right hand in, you pull your right hand out, then you shake it all… Read more

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