[VIDEO] How do I handle criticism?

Today we’ve got some words of wisdom from pharmaceutical industry consultant Boyd Clarke about how to take criticism: This is part of our ongoing feature in this space of clips from a wonderful YouTube channel run by The High Calling called  “60 Seconds to Significance“.  It features  approximately one-minute talks about work and calling, including practical tips [Read More...]

Summer….um, fall…reading list


Drew Cleveland posted an excellent summer reading list of books about faith and work over on the Kern Pastors Network blog the other day, which I’ve just bumped into.  While it may be too late to read them at the beach at this point, it’s still worth noting. Pack one into your bag to read [Read More...]

[VIDEO] Those who love and those who labor follow in the way of Christ

More great hymns for Labor Day–and by extension for celebrating the ministry of all God’s people during worship–keep showing up. Here’s another one a friend just called our attention to: Those who love and those who labour, follow in the way of Christ;Thus the first disciples found him, thus the gift of love sufficed.Jesus says [Read More...]

Three reasons God cares about your work


We ran into this on the Purpose in Leadership blog of Justin Irving, director of the Work with Purpose Initiative at Bethel Seminary.  Justin says, Sometimes we add value to the lives of others on the job when we are compensated in one form or another for our work. Other times, we add value to the [Read More...]

“Emmanuel labor”

By Mike Coyner Yesterday was the American holiday we call “Labor Day,” which many of us celebrate by having the day off. Up until the last few years, Labor Day weekend was always a time for the Coyner family to get together and celebrate birthdays – my sister Jill on September 2nd, Mom on September 6th, and [Read More...]

Happy Vocation Day!

Just ran into this neat post by Gene Veith over at his blog, Cranach, on why we celebrate Labor Day. (Hey, this is a blog about faith and work, so you expected a lot of posts on Labor Day, right?) Most people probably don’t know what they are celebrating on Labor Day–”something about Unions”–but we [Read More...]