NEWS: Two new bloggers on the Faith and Work Channel


We’re always happy when more people join the discussions on faith, work, economics, vocation, and calling here at Patheos Faith and Work.  Now we have two new contributors to the discussion. We’re thrilled to have them help broaden our conversation.  You can click on the logos below to go to each blog. Centered features inspiring [Read More...]

Southwest Airlines’ Legendary Corporate Culture

By Bill Peel During his 27-year career at Southwest Airlines, Dave Ridley has served as SVP Chief Marketing Officer; SVP People and Leadership Development; SVP Business Development; and VP of Ground (Airport) Operations. Dave retired earlier this year but he retains an office at Southwest and serves as Senior Advisor to the CEO. He also [Read More...]

Not everyone can be a leader


By Stephen Milliken Confession: I have a problem with leadership rhetoric. I do not like how I have heard it discussed, practiced, or even taught. For years, I’ve had a rocky relationship with the word and I couldn’t quite pinpoint the problem. Still, the uneasy feeling continues to fester to such an extent that it [Read More...]

From the archives: Women, work, and productivity


“How should women reconcile the artificial divide between home and work? You may be surprised to learn this is a relatively modern problem. For most of history, the home was the small business unit of the local economy for both women and men.” [Read more...]

Do you believe #Easter is real? Then prove it


By Mike Coyner I hope you had a happy Easter, and I hope that your pastor did not try to explain Easter or prove Easter, but rather proclaimed Easter. That was the advice of my preaching professor in seminary who said: “Don’t try to explain Easter, it is a mystery. Don’t try to prove Easter, [Read More...]

[VIDEO] Why is it Hard to Connect Spiritual Value to Our Work?

Scott Wesley, Program Instructor with The WorkFaith Connection, speaks about how our work can actually be an act of worship: This is part of our ongoing feature in this space of clips from a wonderful YouTube channel run by The High Calling called  “60 Seconds to Significance“.  It features  approximately one-minute talks about work and calling, including [Read More...]