On work-life balance and not going to the Asbury Project

  Some of you may remember how for the last two years I’ve spent some time at a conference called the Asbury Project.  It’s a two-day conference focusing on social entrepreneurship and featuring a business plan competition by college and seminary, and it’s held in part at my seminary alma mater, which is less than [Read More…]

Gratitude: An Elixir for a Time of Sadness

By Timothy Askew; reprinted from Inc. with the kind permission of Timothy Askew. Willie Nelson once said, “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” I write a Thanksgiving column every year. I always look forward to it. Gratitude is my most welcomed emotion and Thanksgiving my favorite holiday. (Note my Inc. Magazine [Read More…]

Empathy and the Executive Sale

By Timothy Askew; reprinted from Inc. with the kind permission of Timothy Askew. Empathy.  Webster’s Dictionary describes it as “the projection of one’s own personality into the personality of another in order to understand him better.” I saw a list of qualities entrepreneurs lack last week. Right at the top was empathy.  Entrepreneurs are busy people and it [Read More…]

There’s work to do; or, An open letter to my children

Some may shake their heads in disapproval or approval of the election results, but the bottom line is that there’s work to do, says the dean of Duke Chapel in this sermon, which originally appeared at Faith and Leadership.   By Luke Powery Faith & Leadership offers sermons that shed light on issues of Christian [Read More…]

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Why the #election is a faith and work crisis

I’ve told the story before how a chance phone call from Chris Armstrong in late 2013 involved me, a nice moderate United-Methodist-turned-Episcopalian mainliner who was doctrinally orthodox but not culturally evangelical, in the faith and work movement. Even as a not-particularly-liberal mainline type, one of the barriers to involvement in this space that I had [Read More…]

Post #Election: A Time to Listen

By David Spickard After hearing the news this Wednesday morning, I knew we had to change course.  The day could not be business as usual.  Wednesdays are normally staff meeting days at Jobs for Life (JfL).  Our meeting schedule included our normal routine – prayer, Scripture study, and business – but we had to add [Read More…]