#HolySaturday: Silence while God redeems all


One of the greatest sermons ever written on what this day means, written in Greek in the fourth century by an unknown author. Found numerous places on the Internet: the first one I bumped into was here.   Something strange is happening—there is a great silence on earth today, a great silence and stillness. The [Read More...]

More disciples, not more members: #6 in a series


Last in a series of posts on Luther, Lutherans, and calling by Lutheran pastor Adam Roe with responses over at Cranach by Gene Veith. See the whole series at the bottom of this post. My purpose has not been to offer a systematic or polemical theology. My desire is to give a theological explanation for [Read More...]

The agony: a poem for #GoodFriday

Mosaic at Fatima, from Pixabay

Emerging Scholars Network posted this poem yesterday in honor of Maundy Thursday. It seems applicable to all the events of Holy Week, so inspired by them I want to share it with you today, on that Friday we call Good. The Agony (George Herbert) Philosophers have measur’d mountains, Fathom’d the depths of seas, of states, [Read More...]

Simple service: Some thoughts for #MaundyThursday


By R. Dale Hale Last Saturday, I was privileged to play a very special role in our church’s observance of Palm weekend.  Saturday, we had an all day event that mimics VBS with crafts, music and a Bible lesson.  The Bible lesson is obviously about Palm Sunday.  I was asked to play the role of [Read More...]

“I Don’t Have a Job, I Have a Higher Calling:” Responses to the #WSJ article


By Bill Peel In “I Don’t Have a Job. I Have a Higher Calling” (WSJ, Business & Tech, Feb. 25), Rachel Feintzeig captured the spirit of a LeTourneau University education. A few examples: Bob Walker, CEO of Walker Mowers (1963 LeTourneau engineering grad) wants his employees to know that they do more than design and manufacture [Read More...]

Christianity IS a patent medicine


This post is part of a Patheos-wide symposium on the question “What good is religion?” Read other perspectives here. Few questions are as treacherous as “does religion benefit society?” The true answer is yes, but it’s one of the most dangerous truths you’ll ever come across. And the more socially beneficial a religion is, the [Read More...]