Introducing MMW’s Newest Writers!

Hello and salaams MMW friends,

The MMW team is excited to announce that we’ve recently welcomed six new writers on board!  We are very happy that the following women (listed along with their recent guest posts, so you can get a sense of their writing if you haven’t already) have joined our team of regular writers:

Shireen Ahmed (“Hijab in Sport and Unhelpful Media Biases” and “World Hijab Day: Everyone’s Favourite Dress-Up Day“)

Amina Jabbar (“The Subtleties of Being Caught in the Crossfire” and “Mosques and Marriages: Manifestations of Patriarchy and Misogyny in the Western, Muslim Context“)

Afia Fitriati (“Tweeting Change the Fahira Idris Way” and “Inspiring Beauty? A Critique of Wardah Cosmetics’ Ad Campaigns“)

Emaan Majed (“Zero Dark Thirty: A Tale of Bias and Burqas” and “Pakistan: A Country of One Color?“)

Rana Nazzal (“Stripped of History: Palestinian Women’s Resistance” and “Visibility: On Muslim Women in Performance Arts“)

Yasmeen Nizamy (“HarassMap: Using Social Media to Fight Sexual Harassment in Egypt” and “Telling the Stories of Street Children in Cairo“)

We’re also excited to have some more frequent guest contributors adding to our posts.  Keep an eye out for pieces from all of these writers in the coming weeks!

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