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Five for Friday

Another great week. A few of these links have been out for awhile, but they're guaranteed to make you think, give you hope, and probably make you a little mad as well. Have a great weekend!Couple Sues in "Wrongful Birth" Lawsuit - read only if you have a strong stomach. I feel so sorry for this precious child.Why I am Grammar Obsessed - Is it importent to write good when u right emails and stuff?Prominent Atheist Converts to Christianity - If she can convert, there's hope for … [Read more...]

Top Seven Excuses NOT to Give Money to the Church

Last night at The Conversation (our mid-week adult Bible study), we talked about giving. Always fun when the preacher talks about money. We didn't pass around the KFC buckets, but we were close. I gave a list of seven excuses Christians use not to give. I thought I'd pass them along. Please let me know if I've missed any.1. "I can't afford to give." Always a go to excuse. Most of us feel like we're not in the best financial shape to give. If we had more money we'd give. Sounds plausible. … [Read more...]

The Great Mandate

BIG Idea: Tell your story.Have you ever wondered what we're really here to do? Christians, I mean. After we make that fateful decision, while we're sitting around waiting for heaven, what are we supposed to do here on earth? Just attend church a bunch of times and rack up extra Jesus points? Live it up here on earth while we still can, throwing the occasional "please forgive me" up to heaven? Plug KLove into our ears and drown out the sound of the rest of the world dying? More potlucks, maybe … [Read more...]

Tyndale: The Man Who Gave God an English Voice, by David Teems

William Tyndale is one of the more underrated men in Christian history. Most folks don’t know his name or what he did, but if you speak English, he contributed more to your language than almost any other person, including Shakespeare (who helped the English language flourish on the foundation built by Tyndale).Tyndale was an Englishman in the 1500s, exiled from his homeland and hunted down for his heretical views. England at the time was in the midst of incredible upheaval. The Catholic C … [Read more...]

How Your Marriage Can Survive Your Kids

It never happens intentionally. You marry your spouse because they're the only one for you. It will be you and her against the world. You and him, together forever. There's lots of romance, quiet strolls together, weekends spent exploring the world.And it's just the two of you . . . until there are three, or four, or five. Kids. Kids are the joyful fruit of a marriage, but they can quickly erode the marriage if you're not careful. Funny thing about kids, they'll suck up every waking moment … [Read more...]

Five for Friday

Sorry for the late post! Here are five great links to read this weekend.1. Christian Principles for Voting - How your faith should affect the ballot box.2. 17 Reminders for Leaders - Great post for all leaders.3. Seven Common Comments Non-Christians Make About Christians - Fascinating research. Read it!4. A Question That Changes Everything - You'll have to read to find out!5. Dwight Schrute Calls Out Facebook Statuses - A little bonus for all The Office fans out there. … [Read more...]

The Day My Worldview Was Destroyed

My worldview was destroyed in May 1997. It was my first overseas mission trip, and I was ready to win the world for Christ. Our little band of poorly trained missionaries flew to St. Petersburg, Russia, having no idea what we were getting ourselves into. I distinctly remember the carefully structured worldview I'd built for myself being destroyed within a few miles of the Russian airport.Growing up in America, I was raised with the thought that God looked like me, talked like me, and acted … [Read more...]

The Greater Story

BIG Idea: We have a part to play in the greater story of history.Do our lives really impact the greater narrative of history? Are mission trips anything more than glorified 'spiritual vacations'? Do we have any part to play in the end of the world? These three unique yet connected questions came together for me several years ago in a Bible verse that changed the way I lived my life.Last November, I did a sermon series where I walked the church through five life verses that shaped and … [Read more...]

Presidential Courage, by Michael Beschloss

Presidential Courage is a book I first read a few years ago but wanted to reread to be able to post a review. Michael Beschloss takes several of our most famous presidents and walks us through some of their most difficult circumstances. In the midst of those circumstances Beschloss highlights their bravery and perseverance to make difficult decisions that were often unpopular at the time.An added bonus for a history buff is the fact that Presidential Courage takes us to moments that we might … [Read more...]

Why Do People Get Married Anymore? (Part 2)

In last week’s blog, we talked about five different reasons people got married in the past:ProtectionProcreationCompanionshipTraditionEconomic advantageWith advancements in society and culture, many of those reasons aren’t as necessary anymore. So, has society progressed beyond marriage? With the alarmingly high rate of divorce today, is this a sign that we no longer need marriage? As a twelve-year-old asked her divorced mother, “Why do people get married anymore?”The sho … [Read more...]