What are you Watching on TV this Fall?

I’m a TV junkie. I don’t watch T.V., I record it, then watch at my leisure. Sometimes an episode a week, sometimes I binge watch, and sometimes I bank them for the Winter and Summer hiatus.


Some people say its a time suck.

Some people say its a waste of time.

Some people don’t enjoy the escape.

I do.

When I was growing up, we always had the TV on. It was background noise, it was something to gather us together, it was inexpensive entertainment.

Khaled isn’t a big television watcher, but he has 1 or 2 shows that he will watch with me. My people aren’t big watchers either. Mr. Fox and I had a show we were watching, but when his schedule got too busy, we stopped watching. The ladies and I used to watch Once Upon a Time, but lost interest.

I look forward to the Fall Season Premiers!

I just went through the TV Guide list, and this is what I’m putting into my cue:


Star Trek Discovery

The Good Doctor


This is Us





Grey’s Anatomy

Will & Grace


Ten Days in the Valley

Wisdom of the Crowd


Queen Sugar







The Story of Us



* If I get this channel

** I have to catch up on the previous seasons, so I’ll probably bank this for the hiatus.

*** I’m up to season 6 on Netflix, I’m not sure if I’m caught up.


What are you watching?

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