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by VyckieHazelle with her little lamb collection. When I was "trusting the Lord with our family planning." I never called my children "kids" ~ they were PRECIOUS LAMBS, because as Nancy Campbell explained, "kids" are what neglectful goats have while lambs are the offspring of sheep.A few random thoughts on the topic of having lots of kids:*** Recently I took my children and a neighbor girl to the theater to watch Race to Witch Mountain. Sitting in the dark watching the previews, I noticed a lady coming up the aisle with a whole bunch of kids in tow. Naturally, I started counting. One, two, three ... I wondered if these were all her kids, or did she have some of her children's friends … [Read more...]

Back to the Farm

by LauraWell, my children made it back home. We had a wonderful and exhausting time. My two year old was like all two year olds...exercising his right to say, "NO!" The boys had a wonderful time with Richard (my hubby) at the Museum of Flight. The three of them went there without us girls and the boys were full of laughter and stories when they returned. It was so nice to see that they have realized that this man who genuinely loves their mother is not a horrid nasty person to be feared. He is not the villain they have been led to believe he is. He is actually a pretty nice man who knows a lot about airplanes and such and is fun to be with. My younger girls also seemed to like their … [Read more...]

An Affair with God

 by LauraAfter Dale returned from Brazil, he was not the same man. He hardly interacted with me or the children. He stopped sleeping with me, preferring the living room couch over our bed. He stopped praying with me which was something we did together every morning before we left our bedroom for at least 15 years. He stopped interacting with me on almost every level. He would go for long “prayer walks” every evening often returning after I had gone to bed. He would lay on his face on the floor for 2 hours in the morning and read his bible and pray.Sometimes, after his morning quiet time, he would come get in the bed with me to “cuddle”. I felt like he was throwing me an old bone. As if … [Read more...]


by LauraWe had some dear friends that gave us a video put out by New Tribes Missions (NTM) called “E-Etaow”. After viewing it, Dale felt like maybe God was calling him to go on a mission trip. So that summer he left for 6 weeks on a mission trip to Brazil with NTM and the kids and I ran the farm. My oldest was 15 and the baby was about 1 year old. I took care of the 9 kids and my son and I even put up a cutting of alfalfa almost all by our selves.Dale became friends with some of the missionaries there and he made trips to Brazil every year after that for the next 3 years. Once I went with him and then he took the older kids two at a time. He would be gone for 3 weeks or so in the dead o … [Read more...]

It's about MARTYRDOM

by VyckieJust look how self-indulgent I've become! LOL No, seriously ~ I didn't eat that entire funnel cake by myself ~ I had six helpers, so we got two pastries (one Bavarian creme and one strawberry) to share ;)As much as I like to say that I'm pretty clueless these days ~ "I can tell you what I don't believe, but as far as knowing anything, I really don't see how I could" ~ there is at least one thing that I've learned which I'll hopefully hang onto and try not to forget:Martrydom is not very practical for mothers ~ in fact, it could just get you killed!As a Christian, I was convinced that considering my own needs and desires would be selfish and un-Christlike. I remember a … [Read more...]


 by Vyckie(Hey, Berea & Chassé ~ don't kill me for posting this picture, okay? LOL!)Now, I never would have admitted this before ~ not to myself and certainly not to the general public ~ but the really big draw of the whole Quiverfull/patriarchy movement was the hope of living such an exemplary life that my husband and my children would one day rise up and call me "Blessed" ~ and that in The End, the Lord Jesus himself would say, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." I wanted to be the very best Christian that I could possibly be.A popular topic of conversation in our home went like this: "Are we better than all the people who don't live the way we do?" Referring, of c … [Read more...]

Babies, nursing and farming…Oh My….

by LauraDale and I looked for a place to raise our kids in the midwest. Land was affordable there and since we felt that going into debt was sinful, we could only buy what we could afford. We found what we thought was our “promised land” in Nebraska. We named our farm Canaan Farms after the land of Canaan mentioned in the Old Testament. God had given this land to his children during the Exodus from slavery in Egypt. We believed that God was giving us our farm and so hence the name. We left all our friends, family and all things familiar and headed out to Nebraska with our 3 young children. We knew absolutely no one in our new home except the realtor named Mac. We had no job, hardly any sa … [Read more...]

To Those Who May Be Shocked, Disappointed, and Hurt by the News of My Apostasy

by Vyckie Bennett (Garrison)This is a letter to those godly, dedicated Christians who know me (or know of me) from my articles and testimonies which have appeared in popular homeschool publications such as Above Rubies, An Encouraging Word, SALT, Unless the Lord, etc. ~ or who have followed news of our ever-growing family in my monthly column or in updates and prayer requests which I have posted on email groups such as MOMYS Digest, The Lord’s Heritage, FARBITM, and others. I have been an advocate of godly womanhood ~ I’ve encouraged fellow Christian moms in their Quiverfull convictions and have done my best to lead by example in my own family.This is a difficult letter for me to write ~ … [Read more...]

Dresses and dashed dreams…

by LauraDale and I had been married for 2 years when we had our first child. I was still very much of the mind that we should be responsible and have children when we saw fit. The idea of “letting God plan your family” seemed crazy to me. I mean, I was only 20 years old and I remember saying, “For crying out loud, if I did that, I would end up having 10 kids!!!” Actually, I have 11. The control issues started after the first few years of marriage. I remember my husband and I arguing over what kind of clothes I should wear. I mean the Bible does say in Deut. 22:5 “A woman shall not wear a man's clothing”. I guess that meant that I was commanded to wear dresses. But I hated wearing dresses. H … [Read more...]

In The Beginning…

 by Laura I was raised by two loving feminist women who happened to love eachother. My two moms never pushed any kind of religious view on me. We were culturally Jewish but we celebrated every holiday out there. Christmas, Chanukkah, Easter, Passover. We were all about being happy and celebrating our love for each other.As a child I always had a deep fear of death. I couldn't wrap my head around what happened to you once you died. It was a terrifying thing for me. I remember once, when I was about 5 or 6, running around the house, hysterically crying. When my mom caught hold of me, she wrapped her arms around me to comfort me and asked me what was wrong. I tearfully replied, “You are … [Read more...]