Subterranean: Why the Future of the Church is Rootedness

I’m happy to be participating in an ad hoc blog tour for a new book written by a new friend of mine named Dan White. The book is called Subterranean. My assignment was to engage with Chapter Two… so here goes:   Subterranean Ch. 2: Excessive Personality Dan begins with a recollection of his third [Read More…]

My iPhone Has Magic Powers: Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that a few weeks ago I was leaving work at the end of the day, and as I was backing out of my parking space I got an alert on my iPhone. It said, “You are twelve minutes from home.” I had never received a message of this kind before. My first thought was, who is [Read More…]

A Priest Walks Into a Bar: Why the Pope’s Visit was Good for Congress & Your Friday Funny All Wrapped Up in One

Why are there so many jokes about a priest walking into a bar? Why was it so powerful when Pope Francis addressed a joint session of Congress? Same reason. The premise of the priest-in-a-bar joke is that someone holy has walked into an unholy place. Bars–or so the jokes suppose–are places where people say and do questionable things they [Read More…]

4 Mistakes Leaders Make While Trying to Avoid Vulnerability

“The hardest lesson I’ve had to learn as a leader is this: If I am not vulnerable, I am not leading.” Shrink, p.44   “We must lead from a position of vulnerability. Most people think that leadership is the exercise of power, but it is not. Leadership that has been informed and transformed by Christ [Read More…]

Rich Mullins Died On This Day in 1997: Remembering His Thoughts About the World

When I listen to Rich Mullins’ music (and I still listen), he makes me want to go camping. It’s weird, I know, but it always seems like I could more easily imagine the world he imagined if I could just get off the grid for awhile. And I want to imagine the world that he [Read More…]

What Did the Native American Elder Say to the Moon? A Little Friday Funny

This comes from the Indian Country Today Media Network, where they are also fans of the Friday Funny. When NASA was preparing for the Apollo project, they did some astronaut training on a Navajo Indian reservation. One day, a Navajo elder and his son were herding sheep and came across the space crew. The old man, [Read More…]

The MegaChurch is Like An Athlete On Steroids

If the church is the body of Christ, then the megachurch is like an athlete on steroids. Every major city has a bevy of churches drawing between 5k-25k people. To get a body to grow that big leaders have to use some sort of performance enhancer. These things—typically models, strategies, and techniques gleaned not from the gospel or [Read More…]

The American Justice System Isn’t Broken – It’s Doing Exactly What It’s Designed to Do

“I think our criminal justice system is working as intended. It is only broken to the extent that our society is broken… the lens of criminal justice is the way this country has traditionally regarded black people. I don’t know that anything is broken at all. The deeper question is: are we okay with something on [Read More…]

Who Would You Be If You Lost It All?

Who would you be if you lost it all? I save great questions in the back of my journal. When I start a new one, that’s the first page I copy over to the new journal–every question, every line. I use these questions in times of self-reflection, and when I’m doing spiritual direction with others. This question is [Read More…]

What We Lost on 9/11 Was Our Sense of Security, & It Never Came Back. What Took Its Place was Fear.

When we awoke on that morning we all knew we were basically safe & sound. When we went to bed, we all knew we were not. It was an illusion to be sure, but until 9/11 Americans really thought we were secure… we were safe & sound. The most enduring impact of SEP 11 2001 was the loss of any [Read More…]