Small Successes #2


My successes feel super small for these last 2 weeks. Having sick babies really hampered housecleaning, and I’ve just been feeling a bit blue.

1. Sorted though all the DVDs, Videos and Cd’s and got rid of the ones we never listen to or watch and organized the ones we like.

2. As part of my mission to de-clutter my house I tackled the pile of clothes, coats, toys, books, blankets, shoes, laundry, papers, boxes, jewelry and hair stuff that I have been hiding in my bedroom for the last couple of weeks whenever anyone came over. The pile had grown to enormous proportions and since I hadn’t missed most of the stuff, I sorted it and put it in several (large) boxes and moved it into the basement. One of these days when the kids aren’t in my hair I will finish sorting and giving it away. I must say I am enjoying having less “stuff” laying around my house waiting to be destroyed by my toddlers.

3. I have continued my efforts to exercise. I can’t stand exercise, you get sweaty and nasty and you want to quit after like 5 minutes (at least I do!)But I really want to be healthier and have more energy so I am making an effort to swim at our local pool a few times a week. Swimming isn’t so bad, you can’t really injure yourself and you don’t get all sweaty and gross. I haven’t exercised regularly in 7 years and I had a baby not to long ago, so this pool is kicking my butt!

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  • Anne

    Good for you!! #3 is hard for me too. I can't figure it out since I used to do so much more. But I'm in thesame boat about fighting that urge to quit. Great job persevering! I'm excited to have discovered your blog. Love the photo at the top!

  • Sarah Reinhard

    I HEAR YOU on the exercise thing. Ongoing struggle with me too, and for many of the same reasons. So I give you an extra fist pump on that one especially. Good for you!

    Hope the babies are feeling better. Few things are as bad as sick babies!

  • Kathy

    After you commented on my blog about the dentist I HAD to share with you to GO TO THE DENTIST. I'll be financing my dental work, thanks to putting off the inevitable. Good luck!

  • Stacy

    I'm clicking over to your blog from conversion diary's post on difficult family situations. My family is extremly conservative protestant, dad and most of my family are all pastors, I went to Moody Bible Institute, etc… we (My husband and I + 5 young kids) jumped to Catholicism over the past two years. Just wanted to let you know I'd love to be an email buddy if there is any way I can encourage or pray for you as you ponder this journey. It took me nearly 4 years to decide… not because of a problem with Caatholic doctrine, but the pain with family :-) Blessings to you, Stacy

  • CM

    Good job with the exercise! That's so hard to do, and I imagine that it's much harder with children. I need to do better with that, and I haven't begun to figure out when I'll have time for that.

  • Young Mom

    Hey Stacie! I would love to email with you, your situation sounds eerily similar to ours, my email is