Healing December 2, 2009

A CD is a disc that holds music. Sometimes a CD can get scratched and the song will skip. You can get the CD re-furbished and even though the scratches are still there, the songs will be able to play.

We are kind of like a CD. We are designed to play beautiful music through the living of our lives. Sin and abuse grind into our souls and leave deep painful scratches. Our lives can fall apart.

The CD will not work as it was designed to, music may start to skip, or even be unable to play any longer. We may even become used to the scratches, and de-value ourselves. We say “I’ve already been scratched so many times, my soul is already destroyed, who cares if I get hurt again. I am unworthy.”

If we go to God and tell him about our pain (scratches) he will re-furbish our souls and renew our minds. The scratches are still there (and may even cause us pain sometimes) but they are covered and healed through Jesus sacrifice and we are again able to play the beautiful music we were designed to play.

Healing comes through Jesus Christ.

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