7 quick takes

7 quick takes December 4, 2009


I am definitely not a morning person. I am tired of getting up at 6 with toddlers who are conviced it is morning. Stumbling out to the kitchen to fill juice cups and then huddling on the couch wrapped in a blanket trying to keep my eyes open while I try to convince myself that I can wake up; is not easy.


We already have snow where we live, and it has been getting up to a whopping 20 degrees above during the day. The worst part about winter is having children stuck in the house unable to play outside. I really need to find a way for them to burn off energy that doesn’t involve going to the park to play. I’m thinking of maybe pooling all our christmas and birthday gift resources for one of these.


Ok, I’ll try to be more positive for these next few, I am notorious for being pessimistic, but I am trying to conquer it.
I have struggled with my curly hair for years and never understood why the stars had to align for me to have a “good” hair day. After struggling with knotty, poofy, frizzy expanding hair, I have discovered the problem! Here’s the link to having great hair without much work if you are a curly.


I still haven’t bought or made a single Christmas present. But since there is no possibility of celebrating with family (Christmas and Easter are the busiest times of year for a minister’s family, and they live far away) I’m not to worried since I only have to buy for 3 babies and my husband. I am still not sure what to get for my hubby, so suggestions are welcome!


Number one on my to-do list is the mountain of clean but still unfolded laundry in my basement. Almost everything else is caught up, but I am still waiting for that moment when I am able to fold and put away clothing without toddlers mixing clean clothes with dirty, throwing clothes in the garbage, washer or dryer, playing dress up, or unfolding everything as I fold it. I might need to buy a more entertaining video that would actually hold their interest, so I don’t have to do this chore after their in bed at night.


My baby is the cutest little thing alive and has learned how to smile so beautifully. And it looks like I might have a thumbsucker on my hands, which could be a problem, but its just so stinkin’ cute!


And finally, to end this long rambling monologue, I will ask a question on the off chance that someone will have a creative answer for me. We are going to a Christmas party this weekend and are supposed to bring a gift. It has to be for an adult of either gender and cost about $10? Or it could be homemade.

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