Small Successes #12

I took apart the bottom part of my dishwasher. I think it’s part of the drain? Anyways, I pulled apart all the pieces and screens and emptied all the food chunks they had caught, and then scrubbed all the parts and put it back together and then cleaned the dishwasher by running a wash with a cup of vinegar. Wow did it need to be cleaned.
I managed to cook a 16 pound turkey even though I’d forgotten about throwing out my last rusted 9×13 pan.
I went to the Ladies Bible Study at my church and had to sit and listen to everyone talk about the previous minister and his wife and kids, and how great they were. And I didn’t cry, and I still smiled and tried to be friendly. I did feel rather sorry for myself though, so I am not sure that counts as a success.

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  • Maggie

    Wow… maybe I should clean out the bottom of my dishwasher. We live in an apt. so who knows how long it has been since it's been cleaned! I'd probably break it though! That turkey looks delicious!!!

  • Farmer’s City Wife

    Eeesh… I know what you mean about #3 (being a youth minister myself and always hearing about the previous gal and how great she was). I usually cry, or at least go into a deep dark mood for a while.

    Your turkey looks gorgeous!! I bet it tasted amazing!

  • Young Mom

    Maggie- I was shocked by the amount of gross food bits in there from the last couple months, but then again, I'm not the best at rinsing my dishes before I wash them.

    And yes, the turkey tasted great!!

    Farmer's City wife- It really is hard, hearing about how people STILL travel far away to go see the former minister and about how outgoing they were (something I have always struggled with.) It makes you feel really insufficient.

  • munchesmom

    Love the turkey squished into the baking dish! I'm sure it tasted as wonderful as it looks. I've never even thought about taking apart the dishwasher to clean it. Now I'm very scared of what may be in there.

    I'm so sorry about #3. Some people just don't seem to think about how their comments effect others. Yes, I believe yours counts as a big success.

  • aka the Mom

    The turkey looks amazing. I love turkey.

    I'm so sorry about #3. People need to learn to think before they speak. Sometimes even the most innocently meant remark can really hurt someone else.

    I'm even sorrier about #1, because now it means I have to go and clean mine, too.

  • Lynn

    You got me thinking about my dishwasher and how I just want a new one… but maybe cleaning all that stuff will buy the current one a "stay of execution" LOL.

    Oh, you left comment at my blog about switching to WordPress – wasn't hard, WP has all the tools to import almost everything. I chose to not bring everything with me – part of that starting fresh and new feeling. Now however, I'm contemplating going back to blogger… I do not like that I might have to pay to customize my blog further at WP. Pros and Cons… there are always pros and cons.

    Oh… and #3 is a HUGE success in my book!