in case you’re not aware, I have some opinions in Xty and evolution, and here they are

A few days ago I was interviewed for the “Newsworthy with Norsworthy” podcast (say that 10x fast) about my book The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say about Human Origins.

Luke Norsworthy is the founding pastor of the Venture Community, an inter-denominational church in the Dallas suburb of Corinth, TX, and hosts this weekly podcast. Check out his website for other interviews he’s done recently–like Peter Rollins, Barbara Brown Taylor, Scot McKnight, and Jonathan Merritt. To quote (Vanessa Bayer’s version of) Miley Cyrus, “And that’s pretty cool.”

As is always the case when I do these things, I don’t remember what I said. I just open my mouth and start talking honestly, hoping that in the mess of words something coherent comes out. If you want to listen and be my judge and jury, you can either click the first link above or listen to it below.

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  • Justin

    I’m a big fan of yours Peter 🙂 Keep up the good work! What about starting YOUR OWN podcast??

    • peteenns

      Ugh. More work to do.

      • Bass

        Yes, but our expectations aren’t that high. 🙂 Just say some things once in awhile. Perhaps read your books aloud. Unless that implicates copyrights. Anyway, I enjoyed listening to the interview. Thanks for posting it.

        • Brian P.

          Before reading books, I see if I can find the author on youtube. I listen to something, anything really, just to hear his or her voice. It makes reading the book then much more delightful. Perhaps it makes me more so feel as if I am connecting with a person and not a text.

          • I tend to read Pete’s books in the voice of Edward James Olmos…

          • mochajava76

            I tend to read Pete’s books in the voice of Bob Sheppard, former New York Yankees Public Address announcer.

          • Brian P.

            Well then, when I watch Through the Wormhole, I put it on mute, turn the closed captioning on, and listen to the voice of Peter Enns speak through Morgan Freeman.

    • But really, I think a lot of us would love a Dr. Enns podcast, even if it was a monthly or quarterly thing.

      • Luke Norsworthy

        Or he could just become a once a quarter guest on someone else’s podcast….

    • Guest

      Very enjoyable interview, Peter. Thanks.

  • You are completely wrong and heretical and bad! And I didn’t even listen to the podcast…

    • Lucius

      If you didn’t listen to the podcast, how do you know he’s ‘bad’? -Never-mind “completely wrong”, what is that founded on if you didn’t hear what he has to say?

      • (humor)

        • Lucius

          @peteenns:disqus @JohnGuestUser:disqus
          Lol ah, I see – now, that is. I’ve encountered a lot of people that would probably say something like that in all seriousness, which is why I took it literally. Sorry for the confusion 😀

      • peteenns

        I knew Dr. F was kidding 🙂

  • Joan Livingston for my granddaughter

  • Preston Garrison

    Good interview. Nice to have a little background.