Breakfast Links for 12/20/12 – Gold, Frankincense and M-16’s; Religion of Certainosity; Gun Control Ignorance


Bill Blankschaen, Patheos/Bill In the Blanks: “Maybe Jesus was born away in a manger, just not like the one made in China on the shelf at Wal-Mart. But in the “tower of the flock”, Migdal Eder, surrounded by holy shepherds, set apart to certify the birth of the ultimate Passover Lamb.”

Thomas Sowell, Real Clear Politics: Ignorance on Gun Control

David French, Patheos/The French Revolution: “Mankind, by its very nature, is fallen — broken and sinful — and broken men will cause immense suffering. That is not a comforting thought, but it is real; it is true.”

Andrew Malcolm, Benghazi – How Washington Whitewashes Scandals

Frank Viola, Patheos/Frank Viola: “Consider this fact. Human beings didn’t come into this world in need of salvation. There was a purpose in God that came before the fall, and He has never let go of it.”

J. J. Gould, The Atlantic: Slavery’s Global Comeback

Ben Witherington, Patheos/The Bible and Culture: “In the first place, no Christian should ever say ‘it’s my life to do with as I please’. Of course not. You did not bring yourself into the world, trailing clouds of glory, and your life is not a piece of property you can dispense with as you please.”

Paul Louis Metzger, Patheos/Uncommon God, Common Good: “Where are the wise men today? If only people would exchange their M16 equivalents for myrrh. Jesus didn’t come to play Rambo. As king to whom homage was paid with gold and incense, homage was also paid with myrrh, which was used for embalming.”

Karen Spears Zacharias, Patheos/Karen Spears Zacharias: “If your faith simply compels you to be afraid, to shut yourself off from the world, to think you are better, more righteous, more right than everybody else, that is not faith. It’s the Religion of Certainosity. A belief system for people who are more concerned with being right than they are redeemed.”


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