The Secularization of Suicide: Guarding the Elevators

It’s a pleasure for me to publish this piece from Dr. Jerry Pattengale, who is University Professor at Indiana Wesleyan University as well as the Director of the Green Scholars Initiative. Jerry is a kind of academic entrepreneur, an innovator and developer of new learning approaches and ventures. * The Secularization of Suicide By Jerry Pattengale [Read More…]

Always ‘In the Hunt’

An inspiring guest post by a writer I respect and enjoy reading – Timothy Dalrymple  * By Marta Hummel Mossburg Rowing is not a sport for our times. In an age where even the president thinks it’s OK to snap a selfie at a funeral, the concept of finding oneself through losing oneself is oxymoronic. [Read More…]

Applying to Medical School at 54

I think my readers will find this article interesting – Timothy Dalrymple * By Ghent Lummis as told to Marta Hummel Mossburg   “Ghent,” said my Guardian Angel at a recovery meeting, “I want you to become a doctor.” I was 50 and immediately reacted, saying, “I can’t become a doctor! It’s too late!” The [Read More…]

Michael Gerson: Looking Back on a Decade of PEPFAR

Editors’ Note: This article is part of the Public Square 2014 Summer Series: Conversations on Religious Trends. We are holding this conversation in collaboration with the ONE Campaign. Read more about the ONE Campaign and their work fighting extreme poverty and AIDS at their website — and read other perspectives from the Evangelical community here. * ONE Fellow Michael Gerson reflects on the [Read More…]

Faint Praise for PEPFAR

I do not deny the reality of such stories, nor do I discount the value of even a single life saved. But I think it’s important to ask whether such individual stories, no matter how heart-wrenching, tell the whole story of PEPFAR. [Read more…]