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Freedom of Speech & Pregnancy Resource Centers

I recently wrote about freedom of speech and the pro-life movement. It seems to me that we have a substantial threat to our democracy when pro-lifers are not allowed to speak about their beliefs, when a rational conversation about a controversial topic won't be heard.Well, it turns out that freedom of speech is at issue in another pro-life sector. Today the US District Court for the District of Maryland ruled that the city of Baltimore's ordinance requiring pregnancy resource centers to list … [Read more...]

Because everybody knows it’s true.

Every week has it's own horror story. Two weeks ago, it was the Tucson shootings. This week, it's the PA abortion clinic that was it's own little shop of horrors.A friend raised the excellent point that the story is so awful that it really ought to be front page news instead of oh, let's say,page A25 of the NYT.So why isn't it? Because it's a story that everyone already knows and expects at some level. If it's put on the front page, that betrays the "safe, legal, and rare" mantra. All … [Read more...]

“Uriah the Hittite was not available for comment.”

I'm not against a rational argument in favor of same-sex relations. Rational discussions force us all to better understand our own convictions and those of others.That said, a rational conversation needs to use objective, not imagined, facts. Thiscommentaryfrom Diogenes makes the point in a brilliantly sardonic way. Maybe I just needed to laugh, but I found it hilarious. Hope you enjoy regardless of your perspective on same-sex relations. … [Read more...]

One love. One blood. One life.

Bono has a great column honoring Sargent Shriver (RIP) in today's NYT. (H/TMary DeTurris Proust)It's a beautiful testament to Shriver's work (who was, btw, the last pro-life Democrat to run on a national ticket) and, more importantly, his faith and life.His faith demanded action, from him, from all of us. For the Word to become flesh, we had to become the eyes, the ears, the hands of a just God. Injustice could, in the words of the old spiritual, “Be Overcome.” Robert Sargent sang, “Make … [Read more...]

The pro-life movement: it’s about more than abortion.

This week, pro-lifers around the U.S. are commemorating the anniversary of Roe and Doe with various forms of peaceful demonstrations. In some ways we're better off than in other parts of the world where abortion is not even a legitimate discussion.But we're still unable, for the most part, to have a rational conversation about a controversial topic. And this is largely what freedom of speech is about - being able to speak freely on all matters, including those of conscience, as I wrote in … [Read more...]