Astrology of 2013 Part Two

Political Astrology in 2013

Most countries will continue to experience uncertainty about the health of society and the economy this year, and in some places there will be upheaval and acts of aggression. I can’t look at every country, obviously, so have chosen to focus on the US, UK and Europe, and Australia.


The Cardinal T square of Uranus/Jupiter/Pluto especially affects the US chart, which has the Sun at 13 degrees of Cancer and Saturn at 14 Libra. By June Uranus reaches 12 Aries, beginning to exactly square the US Sun while Pluto is gradually making its way to oppose the Sun and square Saturn in 2014. Both Pluto and Uranus are retrograding at this point, so it will be the same old arguments all over again about fiscal cliffs and dodgy Middle East interventions, but the presence of Jupiter in Cancer moving towards the US Sun is risky in terms of overstretching where the economy or foreign policy are concerned. Revenue from fracking and other benefits will be coming in and boosting the economy (Jupiter transits the natal US Jupiter and Venus mid July bringing good financial news and apparent recovery) but nothing can stave off the profound reorganizing effects of Pluto in Capricorn, gradually moving to oppose the US Sun in 2014.

In the US progressed chart, the progressed Sun at 8 Pisces is now squaring natal Uranus at 9 Gemini, signifying shocks this year. At the time of the Sandy Hook massacre this aspect was activated by Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. As we’ve seen, 8 – 9 degrees is still very sensitive this year, and the conflict over gun use in the US is likely to stay center stage. For excellent coverage on the astrology of the US, please see Nancy’s blog.


Many countries and institutions including the UK, the EU, and the Euro currency have their Sun at 10 Capricorn. This year Pluto and Uranus arrive at this degree. Pluto hangs out here all year, and Uranus is close or exact from April on, so changes will intensify.

The UK will see some changes involving the monarchy, possibly unexpected. This could be as benign as the arrival of the Queen’s new grandchild, first child for William and Kate. The newborn will instantly become third in line to the throne after Charles and William, whatever its gender, thanks to the new laws on succession. It could also mean an ending, the passing of a key royal figure. The BBC, another major UK institution and the voice of the creative soul of Britain in many ways, is also under fire, and this will intensify in 2013. Reorganization is inevitable.

The UK government is not going to have it easy this year. Cameron won’t get away with letting Clegg take the flack, and the inadequacy of the Conservative government’s response to the economic woes of the country will become increasingly unpopular. I was surprised there was not more direct unrest about this in 2012, but that’s the British for you. Stoic to a fault.

This year sees a German election in September. With the Germany reunification chart MC at 10 Aries being stimulated for change by Uranus and Pluto, there is bound to be a new government. Even though political commentators say it won’t happen, the astrology indicates Merkel will leave her current position and it is likely that along with her will go what remains of Germany’s steady commitment to the Euro and the European fiscal project. Here is an excellent essay on this by Adrian Duncan.


Despite also being “born” on January 1, Australia does not have as Cardinal a chart as the UK and the US and many of its major placements are in the later degrees of the signs, so it is not as hard hit by the current astro picture and by the Uranus Pluto square. However, it is nonetheless being affected, and especially this year. House prices are mostly stagnant and the boom of the 2000’s has halted.

The Aussie Sun is being directly transited by Pluto and squared by Uranus, meaning transformation. But of what kind? Transiting Uranus also trines the Australian Venus at 10 Sag, which is an interesting symbolic representation of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s recent articulate repudiation of sexism and misogyny in political life. Old school Aussie sexism is being demolished, and with élan and confidence. Other major issues are immigration and land use, both of which demand fast adaptation and creative solutions.

In the progressed chart we find more information about how Australia has stayed in better financial shape than many other nations: progressed Sun and Venus are now conjunct in early Taurus in the second house, and over the next seven years move to trine natal Saturn (8 Cap) and Sun (10 Cap) in the tenth house and then to conjunct the natal second house Moon at 18 Taurus. This all gives great support to the economy over the next 20 years, most likely from existing resources such as the land. Whether or not this will be done wisely is of course another matter.

The Australian progressed Moon enters Cancer mid January 2013, just in time to be part of the water party and Grand Water Trine of this year. So there is a chance in Australia for some emotional healing and integration.


Come back next time for more details on the water element and details of the transits of 2013.


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