From the L.A. Film Festival: 11:55 and BLOOD STRIPE

Two films at this year's L.A. Film Festival explore two sides of veterans' experiences returning home after fighting overseas. The first, 11:55, considers the difficulties of limited opportunities at home in a gang take on a classic western. The second, Blood Stripe, features a female lead and explores the effects of PTSD on returning vets. Reviews of both below. … [Read more...]

A Summer of Comics Reboots and Rebirths

Benjamin Drew Griffin surveys the superhero comics' summer landscape and the reboots and rebirths that have just begun. More after the jump. … [Read more...]


Jesse Owens is synonymous with greatness and triumphing over unimaginable odds at the 1936 Olympic Games in Nazi-controlled Berlin. But, contrary to popular opinion, he wasn't alone. In fact, Owens was only one of 18 African American Olympians to compete in those games. The new documentary, Olympic Pride, American Prejudice, tells the story of those American heroes. … [Read more...]

#KillerSerials: PREACHER, “See”

Tony Jones and Ryan Parker continue their discussion of Preacher on AMC, which is shaping up to be every bit the character-driven drama as it is supernatural, thriller, Western. They get nit-picky about the presentation of religion, but love the struggle at the heart of Jesse's character. And how about that chainsaw scene?! Listen after the jump. … [Read more...]

From the L.A. Film Fest: JACKSON

Jackson is not only one of the best documentaries to premier at this year's L.A. Film Festival, it's sure to be one of the best of the year, period. From first-time writer/director Maisie Crow, it's an assured film that is simultaneously fierce and kind in its depiction of two sides of a desperate crisis and in the questions that it asks and (implicitly) answers.  … [Read more...]


Critics and moviegoers at this year's L.A. Film Festival are praising the diverse lineup. Three-quarters of the festival's world premiers are directed by women or people of color. Eighty percent of the entries are from first-time filmmakers. These are welcome statistics indeed. Two of these films, though set in drastically different locations, use scandalous relationships to explore highly contested spaces, female and gay sexuality and agency. The View from Tall and Play the Devil are sometimes t … [Read more...]

From the L.A. Film Fest: ‘Political Animals’ — Lesbian Legislators and the Hard Work of Change

“There is no period so remote as the recent past.” – The History BoysIt’s always hard to remember how difficult it is to make things change. Those of us who celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision last year to allow all same-sex couples to marry across the country may find it hard to remember, or to believe depending on one’s age, that gay folks were politically radioactive just a few short years ago.For those who want to learn or remember what the dark days of the late 1990’s were like f … [Read more...]

Book Review: GOD IN MY HEAD

God in My Head: The True Story of an Ex-Christian Who Accidentally Met God by Joshua Steven Grisetti is a new Patheos book club book. I confess, when I started reading it, I almost put it down after a few pages. I've got a stack of books I'm anxious to get to, and somebody's story about having a conversation with God during a drug-fueled trip to the dentist wasn't the most compelling of the lot. But a funny thing happened as I continued to read, the book grew on me, and I began to appreciate … [Read more...]