A Christian Renounces His Right to Bear Arms


The latest mass shooting in San Bernadino has given me a feeling of despair I have not experienced from the evening news in some time. Like many of you, I am absolutely sick at the continuing cycle of gun violence in this country, and the seeming lack of ability for our political leaders to do anything about it.I’ve had numerous arguments with friends and relatives over social media this past week. This has not made me feel any better. Living and teaching in the Deep South has convinced me t … [Read more...]



It’s no coincidence that my favorite ministers, pastors, and mentors have all had a wonderful sense of humor. It’s no surprise that those who tend to take a more literal view of scripture aren’t all that funny…after all, humor isn’t one of the fruits of the spirit listed in Galatians. Given the current religious climate in the United States, especially the vehement anger of so much of far right evangelical Christianity, one might be surprised to learn that Christianity has a rich history of satir … [Read more...]

Killer Serials: Breakthrough, Ep. 5


Nat Geo's new series, Breakthrough, highlights scientists working on the cutting edge of research in biomechanics, aging, the brain, diseases, and, as of last night, energy. Human limitations have been a central theme of every episode, and they are in this week's episode, "Energy on the Edge." Tony Jones and I discuss below. … [Read more...]

Killer Serials: Jessica Jones, Eps. 7-13


Like me and thousands of other fans, you probably binged or finished binging Netflix's fantastic new series, Jessica Jones, over the Thanksgiving weekend. I wrote briefly about the first few episodes last week and highlighted some of the elements that made it a promising series. Those strengths persisted through the first season finale and introduced several other contemporary themes. While it's a deeply satisfying series, there are a couple of moments that gave me pause. … [Read more...]

Killer Serials: Breakthrough, Ep. 4


After a week off, Nat Geo's Breakthrough was back last night with a look at the cutting-edge scientists working to make aging better for us all. But is this necessarily a good or right thing? Tony Jones and I discuss below. … [Read more...]

A Gay Presbyterian on a Jesuit Retreat

John Berchmans copy

For a Protestant, doing things in a Catholic setting is like going to a foreign country where they speak English. You can understand what they’re saying, but you’re in a land of different cultural cues. You spend a lot of time playing the Venn-diagram game of What’s the same/What’s different. So it was when as a Presbyterian I found myself on a silent retreat at a Jesuit spirituality center in Louisiana.I went on the retreat because I had heard about the Jesuit discipline of discernment. This … [Read more...]

Killer Serials: Jessica Jones, S1 Eps. 1-6


Marvel might be best known for their summer tent pole blockbusters, but they're proving that their real strength lies in more intimate, long-form series like Netflix’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones, the new series that released Friday. Although more "super-powered" in nature, Agents of S.H.I.E.D. has hit some strong notes in its third season. The action of those bigger blockbusters forms a distant background for more complex, engrossing character studies. … [Read more...]

This Ain’t a Sunday School Lesson for Kids


If you're a person of faith that is offended by the title and/or content of the new series from Image Comics, The Goddamned, then you're probably not reading much of any scripture as closely as you should. Written by Jason Aaron with art by R. M. Guéra, there's loads of coarse language (some--ok, much--of it aimed at God) and rivers of blood. However, underneath this gruesome facade, lie a host of questions about myth, sacred texts, and the Divine. … [Read more...]