#KillerSerials: PREACHER, “The Possibilities”

This week, Craig Detweiler (professor of communications at Pepperdine University) joins Ryan Parker to talk about the latest episode of Preacher on AMC. They talk about divine complexities, reading John Muir in a slaughterhouse, and how the series captures the best of Bonnie and Clyde and No Country for Old Men. Listen after the jump. … [Read more...]

If You See One Film on Video this Year, Make It this One

We have an extremely limited view of young people born with disabilities. We use the word “obstacles” a lot with them: “Look at the brave young disabled person overcoming obstacles.”But we don’t often think of them as just being people. Going through all the same personal trials as everyone else. Growing up. Getting an education. Screwing up and doing stupid things they later regret.And we never ever want to think of them as sexual beings. Having the pangs of first love. Learning how to f … [Read more...]

Book Review: APOSTLE

Tom Bissell's book, Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter, is not only one of the best books written about video games, it's one of my favorite works of nonfiction. So when I saw that Bissell had turned his attention and wit to the apostles, I couldn't wait to read the results. It's as insightful, biting, and funny as I had hoped it would be. … [Read more...]

L.A. Film Fest: “Out of Iraq” Tells a Moving Love Story in Time of War

"And if there were only some way of contriving that a state or an army should be made up of lovers and their loves, they would be the very best governors of their own city, abstaining from all dishonor, and emulating one another in honor; and when fighting at each other’s side, although a mere handful, they would overcome the world.” – Phaedrus, in Plato’s Symposium.Sometimes it seems like staying together with the one you love means overcoming the world. In other cases, like the love sto … [Read more...]

From the L.A. Film Festival: FREE CECE!

In 2011 Chrishaun Cece McDonald, a black transgender woman, was attacked by a group of white people while walking to the grocery store. In the conflict, she fatally stabbed one of her attackers. Cece was arrested and eventually served 19 months in jail, a sentence that was drastically reduced thanks to the support of a network of grassroots advocates. … [Read more...]


Looking at a few new issues of some series we really like right now, Renato Jones: The One %, The Fix, and House of Penance. They range from comedy to horror but tackle some heavy themes like economic injustice, greed, revenge, guilt, and celebrity culture. Read on for quick takes. … [Read more...]

From the L.A. Film Festival: 11:55 and BLOOD STRIPE

Two films at this year's L.A. Film Festival explore two sides of veterans' experiences returning home after fighting overseas. The first, 11:55, considers the difficulties of limited opportunities at home in a gang take on a classic western. The second, Blood Stripe, features a female lead and explores the effects of PTSD on returning vets. Reviews of both below. … [Read more...]

A Summer of Comics Reboots and Rebirths

Benjamin Drew Griffin surveys the superhero comics' summer landscape and the reboots and rebirths that have just begun. More after the jump. … [Read more...]