A Walk through the Garden

Golden Bleeding Heart resting on variegated Solomon’s Seal

We’ve had a lot of rain in the past 24 hours…not much to see in the gardens but a lot of leaf debris.

The storms last nights were intense! Lightening strikes and strong winds broke a lot of trees. My Jonagold apple tree took a beating…the canopy collapsed under the storm (kind of hard to see the broken limbs in this picture). Some severe pruning will take place this winter.

The sturdy Royal Standard Hosta, one of the few perennials still remaining in my yard, stood up well through it all.



  • Heloise1

    Storms can be hard on gardens and humans. I’ve been watching and praying for any rain for three years. Wind I’ve had in abundance, no rain to speak of. The prolonged drought and the hot blasts of wind have pruned both of my pecans. I’ve become accustom to the daily cleanup.

    The drought has brought delight in types of visiting birds and danger in the snakes that have been popping up all over my small town. Both are seeking water. The dog has been bitten once and is now wiser and I’m a firm believe in the benefits of her yearly rattlesnake shot. It worked very well and she didn’t lose any of her dear face. After a solid month of careful searching, I spotted the little imp last Sunday and was blessed in the speedy arrival for the local Snake Man who answered my call.
    The storms of life are part of God’s plan and I’m grateful every day for the peaceful place he has lead me to in my golden years.