Anti-gay Christian bigots freak out over Harvey Milk stamp

Anti-gay Christian bigots are freaking out about a new postage stamp honoring gay icon and American hero Harvey Milk. The fundamentalist Christian organization, American Family Association, a designated hate group, is urging members not only to avoid purchasing the new stamp, but not to accept any mail postmarked with the U.S. Postal Service’s newly released [Read More...]

Muslim men buy child brides as young as nine in Niger


Child brides are big business in the poverty stricken country of Niger, where daughters as young as nine years old are sold to wealthy Muslim men from neighboring Nigeria. BBC reports the marriage of young girls is a social norm in Niger, and given explicit backing by religious leaders. Islamic law allows marriage not by [Read More...]

American Taliban: Utah modesty police edit girls’ yearbook photos

Female students at a public high school in Utah are angry after their yearbook photos were secretly edited by school administrators to cover up bare arms and modest necklines. The female students at Wasatch High School were surprised and angry to find that their yearbook photos had been edited to reveal less skin, and upset [Read More...]

Woman kills toddler while reenacting story of Abraham

Bible study gone wrong: Inspired by a church sermon on the Book of Genesis, a Florida woman allegedly killed a 2-year-old girl and attempted to kill the girl’s 10-year-old brother in a failed attempt to recreate the Biblical story of Abraham. According to police, Kymberley Dawn Lucas, 40, is accused of killing 2-year-old Elliana  and [Read More...]

Pat Robertson says wife owes husband sex for doing the dishes

Quid pro quo? Televangelist Pat Robertson advises women to pay their husbands with sexual favors when the men perform household chores like doing the dishes. On Tuesday’s edition of the 700 Club Robertson said that wives need to understand the “male psyche,” noting that doing chores is a man’s “way of saying I love you.” [Read More...]

Angry Muslims declare jihad on Cadbury chocolates

Chocolate jihad? Angry Malaysian Muslims are calling for a holy war against confectionery giant Cadbury after pork DNA was found in some of its products. The controversy started when pig traces were found in two Cadbury chocolate products following tests conducted by the Malaysian Health Ministry. Reacting to the discovery, the Malaysian Islamic Development Department [Read More...]

Slavery in South Carolina: Bible College is forced labor camp for foreign students

Cathedral Bible College

Biblical morality? A South Carolina Bible College lured foreign students into their academic program only to exploit the students as forced labor by threatening their legal status. Reginald Wayne Miller, the president of Cathedral Bible College, was arrested late last week on accusations that he forced foreign students to work long hours for low wages [Read More...]

Twitter caves to Islamic censors, blocks ‘blasphemous’ content in Pakistan

Twitter betrays the promise of Internet freedom by blocking content deemed ‘“blasphemous” by Islamic censors in Pakistan. Multiple reports indicate Twitter has been blocking so-called “blasphemous content” in Pakistan at the request of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority. The New York Times reports it is the first time Twitter has deployed its controversial country-specific censorship policy, [Read More...]

Virginia county board prohibits pagans, polytheists, from delivering prayers

Christian extremists threaten secular values.

In Virginia, the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors is under fire after prohibiting prayers invoking “neo-pagan, polytheistic, pre-Christian deities” that fail to fall within “the Judeo-Christian tradition.” The Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors limited opening prayers before public meetings to ordained leaders of monotheistic religions after denying a Wiccan’s request to be added to the [Read More...]

Toni Braxton: Autistic son is punishment from God for abortion

In her new autobiography, Unbreak My Heart: A Memoir, R&B star Toni Braxton says God punished her for having an abortion by giving her an autistic son. In her recently released memoir, Braxton writes: “I was suddenly faced with a choice I’d never thought I’d have to make. Amid my major misgivings about abortion, I [Read More...]