The HHS Mandate: Erasing the Bill of Rights

Frank Weathers, who blogs at Why I Am Catholic, usually says it better. His post, Why the HHS Mandate is a Foul and Dangerous Thing, is no exception. It begins with a cartoon that encapsulates the whole messy mandate and its assault on our basic freedoms in a drawing. I put the cartoon below. Can anybody say it better?

Read the rest of Frank’s fine post here.

  • Jeremy

    Americans will rally against the HHS mandate tomorrow, Saturday, October 20, in more than 140 cities around the country.

    It’s time for us to make our voices heard!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thanks for sharing this Jeremy!

  • FW Ken

    Too bad Dallas/Fort Worth doesn’t have a rally. But I will offer prayers. This is, I believe, one of the critical issues of our time.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I think so too.