It’s December 21, 2012. Is Anybody Here????

I woke up this morning.

Let me repeat that. I woke up this morning.

From what I’ve heard, that wasn’t supposed to happen. Waking up, I mean. I wasn’t supposed to wake up because, I — along with all the rest of you — was supposed to be gone.

Our whole human saga was predicted to come to an end today. The Mayans said so, and as everybody knows, nothing unexpected ever happened to the Mayans. They knew their prophecy stuff.

Or maybe they didn’t.

After all, I did wake up this morning.

Of course, 12/21/12 will last all day and all evening, right up until the clock clicks over to 0000. We could go pouf! at any time all day long. Talk about sweating out the hours. In case we aren’t here tomorrow, let me be the first (or is it the last?) to say so long and adios. It’s been real.

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  • Bill S

    I think that all end of the world predictions are equally ludicrous. As Christians (which I still aspire to be despite my lack of belief in the supernatural) it is hard for us to lampoon the doomsayers because our religion grew and evolved from just such a prediction. “the stars shall fall from the sky, and the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” – Mark 13:25

    At the time, people had no idea of just how large stars are so making such a prediction made perfect sense. People also believed in a heaven in the sky so it would make sense to have Jesus descend on a cloud just as he had been lifted up after his resurrection. Now we know about space and stars so we need to look at these predictions differently. Metaphors, I suppose.

  • neenergyobserver

    Ah yes, I woke up too, darn it. Onward (and upward) we go.

    • Rebecca Hamilton


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  • FW Ken

    Hey, Bill, I had a spell where I didn’t believe in God, although the notion of Jesus as His Son want a problem. Crazy, I know, but I stuck with going to church on the premise that I might be wrong. One day I was driving east on I-30 easy of Dallas and realized I dobelieve all that stuff – damn it. Yes, that’s what went through my mind.

    I’ve quit going to Mass a couple of times over the years, but never could honestly renounce my beliefs. Not that I haven’t tried!.

    • Bill S

      I also practice the faith even though I don’t believe and I would gladly believe again since it gave my life more meaning and purpose. At an intellectual level, I don’t believe. My heart says yes but my head says no.

  • Patty

    Not that I believed all this crazy stuff but it did make me realize that I am ready, that I am confident at the sound of the trumpet I will be going home. To me it was worth all this crazy talk about the end of the world, it only reaffirmed in my heart what I already knew. Rebecca, as I read your blogs on the issues of the day I would like to compliment you. You and Mike Huckabee seem to be the only two voices that make sense. I thank you in these confusing and difficult times for keeping us alert on what is going on and for being a voice of reason and calm. Merry Christmas and blessings to you and your family for the New Year. Patty