What is you number 1 resolution?


What is your number one resolution for the New Year?

Besides losing weight. Everybody resolves to lose weight — except for those who are planning to try to gain weight.

What, other than getting prettier, do you plan to do for the New Year?

Me? I’m going to write a book.

What’s on your resolutions list?

  • http://www.thresholdofheaven.com Peter

    I want to work on becoming a better husband, dad, and writer. For me to have any long term success in those areas, I want to know Christ more and more-to be immersed in Him.

  • Sus

    I have two.
    1 – Continue my resolution to not yell at my kids. I broke it twice last year :(

    2 – Get serious about RCIA

  • http://unwalled.wordpress.com Kim

    Happy New Year Rebecca!……..thank you for your support in 2012…….may 2013 be your best year ever as you continue to grow in Christ and seek to walk in His plan and purpose for your life………blessings!……..Kim

  • Warren Jewell

    My screensaver marquee says it all:
    Let your sole distraction from everything else be prayer and permit nothing to distract you from prayer.

  • Peg

    Sus I’ll pray for your two especially the latter as I work on getting more disciplined this year.

    I hope you fully join no matter what bad examples come and go. I almost let those deraile a few times on the quest. It also took awhile to see what viewpoints I held that might need adjusting and to understand some why’s.

    The sacraments are worth more than anything that might stand in the way. Truth and love to all this New Year!

    • Sus

      Thank you Peg. I appreciate the encouragement.

  • http:/actualfreedomjustine.com Justine

    I want to write more on Peace, Happiness and Freedom for the World!

  • http://tljax.wordpress.com tl

    Last year, I adopted a one-word resolution that I didn’t really tell anyone. I haven’t quite attained it yet, so I am recommitting to INTEGRITY today, and if I wake tomorrow, again.

  • http://myyearlongjourney.com Marisa

    Rebecca, I’m thrilled to see you’re going to write a book! You are a gifted writer and God can use you mightily my friend… all the best to you as you begin this new journey :) I haven’t given much thought to resolutions, but life can get rather mundane and routine, so a little serendipity would be nice once in a while :D