Good People


Thank God for good people.

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Killing Grandma to Kiss the Zeitgeist.
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Church Turns to Congress for Relief from Attacks on Religious Freedom
  • FW Ken
  • Manny

    Amazing how many of those incidences involved trains. I used to take the New York City subway regularly, and one just isn’t aware of how inherently dangerous it can be there. I think they average around a dozen deaths a year, mostly though I think labeled as suicides.

    • hamiltonr

      I know Manny. I wonder why there hasn’t been demands for greater safety provisions with subways.

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    My mother. To my certain knowledge, she has saved at least one person’s life, by taking her in when she was at the end of her resources and in a pitiful state of health, although this woman had no more claim on her than to have baby-sat us as children forty years earlier.But that is not unusual, it’s typical. I could tell you a lot of other stories, but most of them involve me or another member of the family. Let me just say that she is one of two people I know whom I would happily entrust with a million pounds or the key to my door. (The other is Debbie Wallace, whom I loved long ago and who is, if possible, even better.)

  • FW Ken

    I was excited when you posted this, partly because I had just seen the story about the Jewish doctor and the Muslim patient, but also because this world is just brimming with ordinary people doing good things, some quite extraordinary things. It’s not a television commercial, it’s life.
    But where are all the comments? Where are the non-Christians, talking about beautiful acts of goodness? Where are all the Christians, who ought to be seeing the beauty of the creation and the goodness all around them? Truly, we see what we are turned towards seeing. If we look for the kindness, gentility, nobility, and joy, we see that. If we see the wickedness and meanness of a fallen humanity in a fallen world, I suppose that says something about us.

  • Gordis85

    I have always believed in the goodness of people especially those who go about their daily duty and reach out to their neighbor in need unknown only to our loving God. I pray that the Lord in his infinite mercy has a special place in heaven for these folks. May they all live to experience God’s loving mercy.

    Thank you Rebecca for these wonderful videos and for helping me to remember that yes, there are many good people in this world of ours.

  • pagansister

    What is unfortunate is that those that do do good deeds do not get the recognition that those that choose to behave “badly” receive in the news. Those that do come to the forefront and help out aren’t seeking recognition, but should get it anyhow. There are many, many good folks in this world—and many of them post on this site, as well as the woman who gives us things to think about and discuss daily. Thanks, Rebecca.

  • FW Ken

    Zenit had an article today on the plight of Christians in Egypt. Among the ruins of a burned out Coptic Church were messages that “We forgive”. Would that the sentiment were universal.

    This thread set me to thinking of the interconnectedness of things. Who knows to what saving one of those people on the subway could lead. One has a child who develops the cure for cancer – or builds a massive doomsday bomb. A friend used to say about this: a man beats his wife, a hundred miles away, a drunk driver kills a child”. She was speaking of invisible connections, but often the connections are visible. Still, a life saved today could lead to anything a thousand years from now, for good or ill.
    And yes, Ioved The Butterfly Effect. :-)