Confession: What the Priest Sees

This is a priest’s eye view of confession.

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  • Manny

    Some of it was funny but it feels like it’s diminishing the sacrement, I didn’t feel comfortable watching it all the way through.

    • hamiltonr

      I felt somewhat the same way until I got to the end. Then I saw the point they were making.

      • Manny

        OK, I went to the end and that was good, but I don’t get the justaposition. What did that have to do with confession, and with those sily attempts at confession? I’m confused. It’s going over my head. I’m missing something.

        • hamiltonr

          I think they were being a bit too silly. It looks like the video was made by young people.

          • hamiltonr

            I just had another person tell me the same thing you said about this video Manny, including that they couldn’t watch it to the end.

            It honestly didn’t hit me that way. I just saw it as a bit silly, but in the end a touching sort of thing about how a priest might feel until that one person tells him he’s gotten through to them. I think it hit me differently because I sometimes have that feeling in dealing with people; that one person who “gets” it makes it all worthwhile.

            Anyway, I guess putting it up was a bad choice. Mea Culpa.

  • AnneG

    Thought the video was kind of silly, but I think they probably do see some things like this. Wish there had been at. Least one good, sincere confession as well as the last.