March for Life 2014

God love them.

I’m going to save my $, so next year I can join them.

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We Need Caregiving for Caregivers of Parents with Dementia
Breaking: Federal Court Forces Notre Dame to Follow HHS Mandate
What a Difference a Year Makes. Andrew Lloyd Webber Considered Assisted Suicide.
Two Bad Presidents Made Iraq into the Petri Dish that Grew ISIS.
  • Manny

    You’re wimping out by going to the one where it’s sunny and warm. How about the one on the east coast where it’s snowy and cold! ;-P

    • hamiltonr

      Busted. :-)

  • Ray Glennon

    If you make it to Washington, DC (next year or in the future) it would be a privilege and an honor to March with you. And if you can add an additional day, my wife and I would love to give you a tour of the U.S. Naval Academy (I’m class of ’72) and Annapolis, MD which was our nation’s capital when the Treaty of Paris was ratified and where George Washington resigned his commission as the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army.

    • hamiltonr

      That sounds wonderful Ray. Next time I’m there, I’ll let you know. Maybe next year, we could do a Public Catholic group to March. That would be really neat.