No. This isn’t my House after the Pipe Broke

These ice balls are rolling up on the shore of Lake Michigan at Ann Arbor.

For those who may wonder, they are not the result of the pipe that froze and broke at my house.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • pagansister

    Saw the part of the video on the news last night. The video wouldn’t play,said it has been taken off. But it is great to know this wasn’t your house or yard! :-)

    • hamiltonr

      It was working fine when I posted it. I found a substitute. Thanks for the heads up!

  • pagansister

    The new one did work—-really, really cold when those ice balls form like that. Burrrr!

  • AnneG

    I really love videos of stuff like this, from far, far away. Hope you plumbing is staying warm.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Makes me feel cold just to look at it.