A Man Born to Hang, Ain’t Never Gonna Drown

My grandmother used to say, “A man born to hang, ain’t never gonna drown.”

Evidently, 16-year-old Mackenzie Wethington was not born to die in a 3,000 foot fall out of an airplane.

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  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    One little lesson is all you get and then you jump 3000 feet all by yourself? Seems absurdly inadequate. The friends I know who have done this (I’m not a risk taker just for thrills) have been strapped to a professional sky diver who works the parachute.

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    It’s an old, old English saying – fancy finding it in Oklahoma. In fact, Shakespeare made a quite funny variation on it in the first scene of The Tempest: after bandying words with a big-mouthed sailor in the midst of a sea storm, the good courtier Gonzalo says:

    Gon. I have great comfort from this fellow: methinks he hath no drowning mark upon him; his complexion is perfect gallows. Stand fast, good Fate, to his hanging: make the rope of his destiny our cable, for our own doth little advantage. If he be not born to be hanged, our case is miserable.