It was Mom

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Thank you to my Mama for being my wonderful mother. You have been my best friend all my days.

Thank you to my two beautiful sons for making me a mother. You are the blessings of my life.

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  • Mary E.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Rebecca.

    • hamiltonr

      Thank you Mary.

  • pagansister

    I know I wrote this on another post a couple of days ago, but since your beautiful mother’s picture is above, this is a better place to write. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, Rebecca. Hope you enjoyed it. :-)

    • hamiltonr

      Thank you Pagansister.

  • hamiltonr

    Moved it for you Ken.

    FW Ken • yesterday

    I was putting roses on graves today, and got to thinking about the time I referred to “the mating season” in front of my country grandmother. She went ballistic, which was a source of amusement over the years. It wasn’t like they didn’t have cows and pig making calves and piglets. You never said pregnant either. ☺

    • FW Ken

      This was actually a reply to PS in our banter about sex in the 50s. I just replied to myself instead of her) I appreciate the thought, though.

      And it’s really not a bad place. Saturday, I got a dozen roses and put one each on the graves for my grandmothers, 3 of the greats, and one great-great grandmother. That was good because we just learned where she was buried when Mama died, so I bet she hasn’t had a remembrance in 60 years. This was the second Mother’s Day without Mama, and it was a comfort to think about 7 generations of my family, 4 passed on and three still alive. It’s a beautiful world.

      • pagansister

        “It’s a beautiful world”. Indeed, Ken, indeed.