One Question Answered: BOTH Sunnis and Shias Condemn the Barbarity in Iraq


I published a post a few minutes ago asking the question if the Muslim leaders who had condemned the genocide in Iraq were coming from just one side of the Sunni/Shia hostilities

My colleague, Hind Makki, of the Patheos Muslim Channel, answered me with a “no.” She also supplied details as to why I was wrong in my thinking,

I updated my original post with her reply. But this is important enough that I want to also do it in a separate post. I’m more than glad that both sides of this internal Muslim conflict have spoken out against the genocide. That gives me hope for all of us.

The other question, about whether or not some members of the Iraqi military helped ISIS gain control of American armaments, remains. If there is information on that, please share it.

As for the first question, this is one time I’m uber glad to be wrong.

Here’s Hind Makki’s reply:

Dear Rebecca Hamilton, the denunciations against ISIS have been given by 
both Sunni and Shia leadership and lay people. Looking at piece you 
wrote yesterday, I would like to share some information with you. I hope
you will update your piece reflecting this information: Ayatollah 
Sistani – Shia. Indonesian Ulema Council – comprises all Muslim groups 
in Indonesia, Sunni, Shia and everything else. Grand Mufti Shawqi Allam -
Sunni. Lebanese Muslim Association – Sunni. International Union of 
Muslim Scholars – comprises all Muslim groups in the world and one of 
it’s missions is to counter sectarianism. Yusuf Qaradawi – Sunni. 
Organization of Islamic Cooperation – non-religious political group of 
all countries with large Muslim populations. Iyad Ameen Madani – Sunni. 
Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate – Sunni. Where did you get the 
information that they are all Shia?

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  • FW Ken

    I hope you will express to your colleague the best wishes this Christian extends to all Muslims who seek a common life of peace, and gratitude for the many acts of kindness extended by Muslims to their Christian neighbors.

    • pagansister

      I second those sentiments, FW Ken.

  • pagansister

    Am glad she was able to put out the correct information. I would hope that most people realize that all Muslims are not fanatics who wish to kill anyone not Muslim. One of the many problems of fanaticism in any religion/faith is that it tends to make some people believe that every person of that faith/religion is the same and agrees with everything the fanatics say and do.

  • Gordis85

    I wonder if Hind Makki is willing to read the warning from someone who is actually trying to survive while trying to encourage his flock in the midst of a burning Iraq and slaughter of innocents.

    I read the article and am not at all surprised since it is a very real possibility if we remain snoozing through it all.