Leatherheads, the new film starring George Clooney and Renée Zellweger, is billed as a fictional account of the early days of football. Commercials geared toward men showcase a burly football player punching out a lineman, another lineman and then the referee before Clooney’s character turns to another teammate and remarks, “Oh, I like him.” It’s football and funny mixed together, even adding in television favorite John Krasinski (Jim from The Office).But Leatherheads has a Secret with a capital S—it’s strong… Read more

As Homer would say, long ago, before the weight of the world crushed my spirit, we lived in a simpler time, when music videos were young and cheesy. Unintentionally funny. And there were some really cool female rockers, not the least of which were Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart. Tonight I had a chance to see the duo at Universal Studios. It was pretty cool to see the group live, performing some of the songs I remember the most… Read more

We had a little fun at work talking about the movies that make some women cringe and guys love. TBS used to show “Movies for Guys Who Like Movies” and it wouldn’t include any films like Nell or Little Women. So we did a little countdown and here’s the first installment. Let me know what you think. Read more

The new midseason replacement New Amsterdam boasted an interesting, if unoriginal, premise—a New York City detective, John Amsterdam, hides a secret of immortality while solving homicides. It sounded similar to the recent vampire-solving-crimes show, but I figured it was still worthy of checking out. Perhaps there’d be a magic sword or superpowers or intellect learning along the way. Maybe it would even mimic one of the coolest shows on television, Heroes, finding others who were roaming the earth for centuries.I… Read more

Heroic characters are strong part of cinematic history, from epic adventurers like Maximus from Gladiator to our beloved adventurer Indiana Jones. Many times they sacrifice themselves for the good of others, such as Spock’s (we thought) final stand in The Wrath of Kahn and Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis) detonating the bomb in Armageddon. Perhaps none of these heroes come close to the sheer bravery of Marine Pvt. Hudson, played by Bill Paxton in Aliens. After encountering the Aliens on a… Read more

I realize the last post was pretty short and sweet so I thought I’d give you a little more detail on our big day. We had been talking about going to Disney for a little while and even as early as that morning, I wasn’t sure we would. I had a sore throat and was taking Airborne. When we did decide to go, I put the ring in the Airborne bottle so she wouldn’t suspect anything. I also told her… Read more

Every time Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You, Babe” startled a sleeping Bill Murray out of bed in Groundhog Day, the audience howled with laugher, sympathizing with the plight of a man forced to relive day after day after day. Unfortunately for the producers of the new political thriller Vantage Point, each rewind of the clock provokes the same reaction, but this time with the audience playing the helpless victims forced to relive the same moment after moment after moment.The… Read more

As you grow up, you kinda hope you outgrow some things. Certainly not comic books or shoot-em-up movies but the things that really hold you back, like life’s most embarassing moments. I have a list about a mile long and I almost added a biggie the other night. LeAnn and I were at the Casting Crowns and Leeland concert at the UCF arena (nice place by the way). We had rushed to get there so we could do the backstage… Read more

Just heard Warren Barfield’s new song, “Love is Not a Fight,” on his MySpace page and I am once again a proud friend. Please show him some love* and check it out, request it on your radio station and come back here to tell me how cool you think it is. :-)*just maybe not as much as Gary Busey showed Jennifer Garner last night Read more

After saying yes to Jesus years ago, it seems that Stephen Baldwin can’t quite bring himself to say no to anything else. The once “Usual Suspect” seems to turn up everywhere nowadays; on bookshelves via his best-selling The Unusual Suspect, in numerous Christian films and on several television reality shows, the most recent of which is Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice airing on NBC.Fortunately, for all of his public appearances, Baldwin seems to be a genuinely personable fellow and uses his… Read more

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