March 5, 2009

Have you ever opened a beautifully wrapped Christmas present only to discover the gift was not yours but someone else’s? This misfire even happens with correctly assigned gifts. Two years ago, after opening the Batman play set, my nephew turned to me and said “I told you—I don’t like superheroes.”My suspicion is that most moviegoers will feel the same way well into the third hour of Watchmen, opening Friday. The movie, centered on the classic graphic novel from 1986 by… Read more

March 4, 2009

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February 26, 2009

I love ’24’ and had this discussion on a message board that I thought would be funny to share with you all here. What if the writers of ’24’ tried their hands at other popular storylines?If the ’24’ writers wrote… -Batman, Alfred would be a mole and the Batcave would come under an attack once a year. -The A-Team, BA Baracus would be assassinated and and his younger brother would step in and get blown up. Murdock would indeed go… Read more

February 18, 2009

I don’t have long before they come, so you’re going to have to listen carefully and pay close attention. The powerful underground group behind the new supernatural action movie Push are hot on my trail and using their powers to coerce me into thinking it’s a great movie. But I have to get the word out. A great movie it’s not. In the film, humans with supernatural abilities are racing to gain control of a super-powered steroid formula that can… Read more

February 9, 2009

I think I am the last one to watch the Grammys and I just had this overwhelming desire to post this picture. Who am I? Back in the day, she jokingly told me I was mean in our interview for implying she wasn’t one of the popular girls in school. She’d probably say the say about posting this old picture. Sure am glad I’m not famous. 🙂 Read more

January 22, 2009

I’d hate to be the Academy voters today who shut him out for nominations, because Clint Eastwood can be quite an imposing figure. He fits the mold of a grumpy old man but because of all his gunslin’ days, he becomes even more menacing. On my first trip to Los Angeles, I was on the lookout for celebrities. I was anxious to see one and then ran into the granddaddy of them all. I was picking our special guests, the… Read more

December 22, 2008

Friday night, we were feverishly resetting our spare bedroom/storage room back into a guest room for company coming the next day. It was a whirlwind evening of work, seriously sapping what little energy we had after the week. During one of several trips to the dumpster, I noticed a gathering of friends in a nearby apartment. And, peering in, I was a little bit sad.I’ve been very reluctant to admit anything other than total satisfaction with the move down here,… Read more

December 19, 2008

It’s the Friday before Christmas! LeAnn and I went to see a sneak of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” last night. We enjoyed it, although it was long and we were starving. Traffic derailed our dinner plans. Review will be posted in the next few days.  Thought you might enjoy this video of our niece singing “I Like to Move It, Move It” from the Madagascar 2 movie. I thought it was awfully cute: Read more

December 16, 2008

I love to go to the movies. Always have, as far back as I can remember. There’s just something about sitting in a comfortable seat in the dark theater blanketing every possible distraction (not always) listening to stereo sound. It is a joy to load up a big bucket of popcorn, a Coke that burns your throat going down and even sometimes a pack of chocolate chip cookie dough candy. I sometimes don’t think of moviegoing as a social activity, perhaps because… Read more

December 12, 2008

Many tales have been spun centering on men seeking revenge for injustices done against them. A sea of lone vigilantes too numerous to mention have, through the years, taken up arms against those who’ve invaded their space and taken something they love. The audiences have been drawn, because it feeds into the inherent natural craving they feel for all to be made right. Red, a sleeper film that has recently released on DVD, is one such story with a little… Read more

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